Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Ben is Two Years Old!

We celebrated Ben's second birthday with much thankfulness.  Our lives have been undergoing a lot of change as of late, and Ben has adjusted well to all of them.  Ben is a delight to our family, is learning to be a good playmate to his big brother, and is changing fast!  

Some stats on our big boy:
Weight: 35 lbs
Height: 35 inches
Clothes: 2T
Shoes: 5
Diaper: cloth and size 5

Likes: stamps, imitating big brother, opening the refrigerator and dishwasher (we're working on that!), clapping and saying yay

Dislikes: being told no, haircuts, new Foods, having his hair washed

Stages: Ben is at that stage where he gets ahead of himself while walking fast and will wipe out quite dramatically. He also is at the echo stage - he will say words back to you when you say them to him.

Food: Ben has proved to be a picky eater. Although big brother Eli went through a picky stage at this age, it was never as severe. We are hoping that our policy of continuing to offer him foods and encouraging him to try new foods will work like it did with big brother!   Ben's favorite food is definitely chicken nuggets. I think he would eat chicken nuggets and applesauce for every meal if we let him!  He also likes veggie straws, which we discovered from school.

Sleep: Ben usually naps for 1.5-2 hours after lunch, a schedule he follows at school as well. Bedtime is at 7:00 and he usually sleeps until 6:30-7 the next day. This is one thing we definitely like better versus the newborn stage!

One of the biggest pieces of news in Ben's life is that he started attending preschool when mom and dad both started teaching. He was enrolled in the one-year old class at the same school as Eli and finished out the school year there. He did surprisingly well adjusting to this big change in his life. It took about a week for him to be comfortable with being dropped off, and another two weeks to be comfortable with being picked up. It was like he would suddenly remember that we had been gone all day once he saw us approaching!

Some pictures from Ben's second year:

Sitting on a lawn mower at Home Depot with a fresh temporary tattoo - life is good!

Mommy and Ben both love a good tire swing!

Blueberry picking.

At Cousin April's wedding in May 2016.

Ben loves his Aunt Em and all of his cousins!

Two cool dudes.

Love that belly!

With Grandma and Grandpa.

Little ones look so angelic when they sleep!

Playing on the beach in Saint Augustine.  He sat on the sand and let the waves lap over him - he loved it!

Yep, this one's mine. Notice the stitches on his nose from an ill-fated attempt to climb out of the bathtub.

Ben started attending Kindermusik classes in the fall.  They are a bit chaotic but lots of fun!  

Fall 2016 at the pumpkin patch.

With Pappy and Gigi.

He loves his puppies!  Both of our dogs are so good with the boys - and for that we are grateful!

Opening up a Christmas present with daddy.  He loved ripping wrapping paper this year!

He'll be driving for real before we know it!

When this look comes out, you just KNOW he's up to something!

The wonder of childhood!

It's hard to resist this face!

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Anonymous said...

Such sweet pictures of your BIG little boy.

I didn't know Mike was teaching too. What is he teaching?

Hope you FOUR have a wonderful summer break.