Friday, October 14, 2016

Eli is 4.5 years old!

We remain in awe of how much Eli has grown and changed over the last 6 months.  Every bit of our toddler has vanished without a trace, and we now have a loud, precocious, affectionate, capable preschooler! 

Some stats:
Height: 44 inches
Weight: 37 lbs (note: only 7 lbs more than Ben!)
Clothing: 5T.  Still very skinny – we have to use the pants with the adjustable waistband and pull it alllllll the way in!
Shoe Size: 11
Food: Eli is a pretty good eater, although he has to be encouraged to try new things.  Some of his current favorite things to eat are: cheese sticks, sliced lunchmeat, any fruit, green peas, and carrots.

Likes: board games, legos, cars….pretty much anything typical “boy”!
Dislikes: rest time, new foods

One of the biggest milestones that have happened is that Eli has started attending a half-day preschool program in town.  It has been wonderful for him!  He enjoys school and the friends he has made.  

Eli loves to learn!  The biggest gain we have made is his curiosity regarding letters, spelling, and vocabulary.  He is always asking about what letters make up a word and the meaning of words.  He has a lot of questions throughout the day!  He has also become much more articulate (strangers can usually understand him now!) 

Eli loves music.  He attends Kindermusik classes and we have been very pleased with his increasing awareness of music in his life.  He loves to sing and has an ever-increasing repertoire.  He also has a pretty good sense of rhythm! 
With Ms Sharon, his wonderful  Kindermusik teacher!

Eli is a really good big brother.  He is surprisingly tolerant of Ben and has been working on being more understanding of Ben’s baby-ness.  He loves to make his little brother laugh!

Other fun Eli facts:
Eli has gotten astonishingly independent.  There have been several times over the last several months where I have gone to do something for him as usual and then suddenly realized “Oh, he can probably do that himself!”  I will admit that it is nice to be able to tell him to go do something and have him just do it.  He is also entering the stage where he can sometimes not just “help,” but actually be helpful!

He loves a good joke, and has started trying to make up his own.  We’re working on that!  

Some more pictures:
Blueberry picking with Great-grandma Lynda

I love that he is usually willing to smile for pictures!

We ordered the "large" size sub to share.  We didn't realize just how LARGE it was!

He loves doing yoga with mom!

Lemon face!  His expressions kill me sometimes.

Babywearing?  More like gatorwearing!

Dancing with cousin Sarah at April's wedding.

With some cousins.

He loves his cousin Josiah.  They are only a month apart and when they get together there is no stopping them!

Gigi undewent chemotherapy treatments, and while Eli had questions, he was surpisingly unphased by it all.  

Oh ya know, just climbing to the top of the tallest thing and jumping.  Giving mom gray hairs!

Sick day boy.

With his buddy Davis.

Craft time!

These two....Eli said Amanda needed a necklace!

I see the baby he used to be when he sleeps!

With grandma at the library.  Storytime got a bit intense.

Visiting grandpa at his office.

We went to Medieval Times.  To say that he enjoyed himself would be a bit of an understatement!

Doesn't everyone wear goggles to do yardwork?

Delivering a birthday surprise to cousin April at work!

Just checking some tire pressure with our friend Glenn.

When daddy cleans out the freezer and has a bucket full of ice chips....we Floridians make snowballs!

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Anonymous said...

Cute blog post. Hard to believe he's 4-1/2 already!

Love the photo of Eli and his friend, Davis. That SMILE!