Saturday, April 09, 2016

Eli is Four Years Old!

And just like that, we are the parents of a four-year old!  At four years old, Eli is silly, passionate, loud, and smart.  He dotes upon his little brother and asks approximately 1, 425 questions per day.  We love seeing his personality continue to develop.

Some updates on our big boy:

Height: 44 inches
Weight: 41 lbs
Clothes: 4T; 5T in pants for the length 

Eli funnies:
(At the pet store, looking at the lizards)
"What are those, mom?"
"Bearded Dragons."
"But they don't have wings, mom!"

He noticed a guy at Publix wearing a University of Florida shirt and told him “Go Gators!”

Remembers things that happened in the past, even weeks or months ago. He still talks about the time he smashed his finger by dropping a five pound weight on it this past thanksgiving (and he had the black fingernail for months to prove it!)

Recalls and sings songs.   Some of his favorites include Blackbird, How Deep is Your Love, Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel, and Surfer Girl.

Favorites: "boop boxing" (beat boxing), wearing jackets or shirts with a hood - he likes to pretend it's a "hoo-mitt" (helmet)/peeing outside.

Dislikes: putting on band-aids

Things we are working on: obedience without whining, making sure toys aren't left out that Ben can get into

Eli has becoming more aware of the world around him. He likes to ask what the name of a street is when we're driving or what a sign says. He can recognize his own name and the word CAT, thanks to a certain brand of tractors. He also is starting to ask the meaning of words he doesn't know. 

Shortly before his fourth birthday Eli decided on his own that it was time to wear big boy underwear at night. He had been staying dry most nights but I was waiting until he was ready to pull the trigger. I would broach the subject occasionally but it was up to him.  It's been about two weeks and he has stayed dry every night!

Moving: A few months before Eli turned four we moved a short distance away.  Eli took it in stride and enjoys our new house and surroundings.  It took him about two nights to get used to his new room.  

Jumping off the dock at Auntie Gaila's house.

With Pappy and Gigi in Tennessee.

Visiting Great-Grandma Lynda at her church.

We had some portraits taken around Christmas.  We love how they turned out!

My personal favorite! 

Such a big helper!

At his first Gator football game with Grandma!

When on a dock, doing some yoga is a must!

He loves a good shoulder ride from Grandpa!

We started Eli in Kindermusik classes in the fall.  They provide exposure to music through stories, singing, and dancing.  Ms. Sharon has the patience of a saint, and we love seeing his musicality develop!  I have especially noticed that he is getting better at picking out the beat in a song and paying attention to the words of a song.

"Hey look, mom, Ben is holding ME!"

Uncle Dave came to visit.  Of course puzzles were involved.

Meeting Tinkerbell at Disney.

Not sure what was going on here....having boys can be crazy!

Checking out our new house for the first time!

They loved trying out this tandem swing!

Ben got to try out his first Publix cookie.  Eli was right there to give him some pointers!

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