Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ben is One Year Old!

We made it through the roller coaster that is the first year of life!  We survived the difficult parts (sleep deprivation, self-doubt, adjusting to life with two kids) and savored the good parts (baby snuggles, watching the relationship between the siblings develop).  Ben is such a delight, and we love having him be a part of our family!

Some updates on our big boy:

Weight: 23.5 lbs
Height: 31
Head: 18 cent

Diapers: size 4 and cloth
Clothes: 12 months
Shoes: Size 2
Likes: having a drink at all times, french fries, watching big brother be silly, his Baby Signing Time DVD, grabbing eyeglasses

New tricks: waving, smacking his lips, waving "hello" and "bye bye", crawling, pulling up in his crib, making his “crunchy face” (scrunching his face up), clapping his hands.

Things we are working on: not throwing his cup on the floor during mealtimes, using the correct sign to tell us what he wants instead of emitting a shrill scream, staying still during diaper and clothing changes

7:00am -  wake up
9:00-10:30 - nap
12:00 - eat lunch
1:00ish – 2:30ish - afternoon nap
5:00 - eat dinner
7:00 – down for the night

Communication: Like with Eli, we have been working on baby signing with Ben and have been very pleased with the results.  He can regularly sign “more,” “drink,” and “all done.”  It’s nice to be able to know what he wants!  No clear words yet, although I am beginning to think that his “mamamamamamama” babble has some meaning behind it.  It’s neat to be able to see how much he understands – the other day Eli asked him to give him something and he did it!

Sleeping: Ben has thankfully been sleeping through the night pretty consistently for several months, but we ran into an issue where he would wake up unhappy at about 10:00pm and be hungry.  We found that feeding him a snack before bedtime solved that problem.

Other fun things: Ben crawls pretty much everywhere now and usually prefers a sitting scoot/crawl hybrid.  Eli is learning that toys left on the floor are fair game!  We are up to 10 teeth!  One day he grabbed my apple and started chomping on it with gusto.  It has become a favorite snack of his under close supervision.  Eli did not have nearly as many teeth at this age, so it’s been fun to see what Ben can do with all those chompers!

Favorite pictures from the last year:

Less than 24 hours old with Pappy and proud big brother!

A big milestone - the first time I took both boys somewhere by myself!

Newborn session fave!

Part of me misses this tiny baby!  And the other part of me does not miss the sleep deprivation.

 Deep in conversation with big brother.

My grandmother with all of her (currrent) great-granchildren, as of August 2015.

Post-bath cuddles.

One of my favorites!

Quality time with Gigi.

Ben and Amanda are such great buddies.  She lays down with her head on his lap like this all the time

When your baby carrier and your outfit are so on-point you have to break your No Selfies in the Bathroom rule.

 Playground fun!  He loves the slides.

Enjoying the cool February weather!

Watch your nose, Dad!

Photo booth fun at Ben's first birthday party with Grandma and Grandpa.

Birthday cookie!  Happy first birthday, Ben!

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