Sunday, January 24, 2016

Ben is ten months old!

Strangers tend to get a very different snapshot of Ben's personality depending upon his mood. One moment I will get a comment such as "is he always this good?!" From someone, the next moment a different person will look at me with raised eyebrows as Ben screams his head off because he wants a cracker.  He tends to be a very happy, smiley, chatty baby, as long as he gets what he wants when he wants it. He doesn't take kindly to any need of his not being met immediately, whether it be hunger, needing mom, tired, bored....

Silly face!

Tooth update: Ben has popped another bottom tooth, bringing the total up to 7 teeth fully through. Big brother only had one at this age so this is very different for us!  He puts those teeth to good use and likes to crunch on crackers.

Firsts: December brought our first tub poop (it's a momentous milestone in our house!  Eli thought it was so funny).  Ben is starting to scoot around on his belly, especially backwards.

Waving is his newest trick (video)

Likes: mom's water bottle, using his voice to make loud noises, pickles, bread, potatoes (especially the fried & Frenched variety!)

Dislikes: diaper changes, someone other than mom holding him (depending on the day), putting on clothes.  He has figured out that he can reach into his mouth and take out any food he doesn't approve of. It usually goes straight onto the floor.

Ben doesn't sleep well outside the house, but will usually stay in a good mood and make up for it once we get home.

On the day after Christmas, we had our first ER trip. It turned out to be gastroenteritis. He was treated for dehydration and released after a few hours. It took about a week to make a full recovery. We are grateful to all the doctors and nurses at Nemour's Children's Hospital in Orlando for their excellent care!

Signing - We did baby signing with Eli and found it to be very helpful. We have started working with Ben as well and he has started to sign back occasionally. Mostly "hi" and "all done."  Eli has taken on the job of teaching Ben signs and it's really fun to see. He will ask me what the signs for different words are and then show them to Ben (I've had to look a few up!)

More pictures:
Dad snuggles do the trick!

We went on a hike, just mom and the boys.

Getting a push from big brother!

Thanksgiving 2015.

Christmas 2015 - Ben's first Christmas!

That time when your outfit, the baby's outfit, and your babywearing accessories match so perfectly that you have to break your "no selfies in the bathroom" rule.

The first of what I'm sure will be many "Baby Got Back" pictures.  At Ramshackle's Restaurant.

They were both excited to take a ride in a special cart big enough for both of them!

Ben meeting Mickey and Minnie.

Bundled up on a walk.