Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Ben is eight months old!

I just love this age!  Watching Ben explore the world around him is such a pleasure.

Weight: 19lbs 3oz at 6month checkup
Height: 28.5 inches
Clothes: about to bust out of 6 months (mama needs to get down the next size!)
Diapers: size 3 and cloth
Physically: the crazy cowlick in the back seems to be calming down.  If I can get his hair brushed while it’s still wet after a bath it generally stays down.  Eyes are blue – since we’ve passed the six months mark with them not changing it looks like they will stay that way!  Interesting that both of our boys have blue eyes but neither of us do.

Has started babbling!  It sounds like "mamamamamama."  Usually when he's upset or tired.

Morgan the Cat has pretty much decided that she and Ben share a room. She hangs out in the rocking chair or the closet for most of the day.

Likes to sleep with a soft blanket. He holds it in his fist near his face - close enough to get his thumb in his mouth!

We got off to a rocky start with solid foods. He was much later in developing interest than Eli was, which was just fine with us. We waited until he was ready - every child is different!   He tried his first food, avocado, and was really excited to play with the spoon, but not so much interested in trying the food.  It seemed to surprise him!  Then the next day he had some tummy troubles, so we decided to try again in a week.  Now he eats with gusto - it's not uncommon for him to eat half an avocado and an entire banana at breakfast!  He is not very patient when he decides it is his turn to eat!

Sleep: Ben usually sleeps from his dream feed at 10:00pm until around 6:00am. He likes to sleep with a soft blanket - as soon as you put him in his crib he's looking for it!  He can move around enough in his crib to play around a bit before getting down to the business of napping! You can hear him in there for a few minutes rolling around, turning his mobile on and off and generally getting into trouble. Sometimes when I get him up from his nap I find him in a completely different spot than where I left him.

We visited the pumpkin patch at Great-Grandma Lynda's church.

Teeth: Ben started off his eighth month with SIX teeth - considering that Eli didn't have any at this point, it's quite different than what we previously experienced!

Sits up reasonably well on his own, but can’t be relied on to not fall over after a few minutes.  He’s working on that core strength!

One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed in the last two months is that Ben has gotten a lot sturdier.  Which is a good thing when you have a rough-and-tumble brother!  Eli is also learning that being a big brother has its share of pitfalls – Ben grabbed a nice handful of Eli’s hair the other day! 

We have started working on baby sign language with Ben.  Eli enjoys showing him the signs for  “all done,” “more,” “dog,” “milk,” and “please.”  

Pool time in October - one of the perks of living in Florida!

On the dock at camp.

Ready to swim in the lake with Auntie Gaila.  I just love his expression in this one!

Storytime with big brother and daddy.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Ben is making sure his sunhat is on good and snug before Aunt Gaila takes him swimming. ;-)

Happy 8th month, Ben!