Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Eli is Three and a Half!

Wasn't I just writing a post for this kid's third birthday??  Our Eli is fun, loud, rambunctious, opinionated, brilliant, and an excellent big brother.  He has become tall and lanky and is surprisingly strong.


Height: 44 inches
Weight: 38 lbs
Shoe size: 9
Clothes: 3T and some 4T (he needs 4T pants for the length!  Buttonhole elastic is our friend).

Blueberry picking!

Likes: shoes that light up, going to chick fil a (specifically the playground), anything lightsaber-related, helping.

Helping dad with the yard work.

Relationship with Ben:
At first Eli understood that he needed to be gentle with his brother, but lacked the fine motor skills to put that into practice much of the time. It took until Ben was about 2 months old for Eli to perfect that skill.  I just love to watch their relationship develop.  Eli hasn’t displayed any jealousy towards Ben – the biggest adjustment for him was the change in schedule (or sudden lack therof) when Ben arrived.


Eli loves to "teach" Ben!

Offering some moral support at the pediatrician.

Sleep: The days of napping seem to have come to an end.  We had a good run with naps, but one perk to Eli not taking a nap is that he goes to sleep much easier at night!  He is still required to have some quiet time in his room every day so we both can have a “break,” and sometimes making it to bedtime makes for a very grumpy boy.  This seems to be an inevitable part of dropping a nap!

Eli got a bunk bed and sleeps on the top bunk.

Someone fell asleep while reading (upside down, apparently).

Eating: Eli is generally a good eater and will at least try new things.  Favorites include popcorn, fruit, “round cheese” (that would be the Babybel cheese with the wax coverings), French toast, and peas.
Get excited, it's chicken potpie night!

Potty training: In June we finally reached full potty training status!  It seemed to just click for him all at once. Out of desperation, I decided to make him wear no clothes while inside. When he woke up that morning and I told him what was happening he was a little sad - I think he knew that a phase of his life was over. But he had ONE accident that day and hasn't had one since!  He wears a pull-up at night.

Eli has gotten quite imaginative and with that has come some fears. One night he cried out in his bed and when I checked on him he said there was a monster in the corner of his room. I asked him what we could do to make it better and he said "go 'round!"  It took me several tries to ascertain that he wanted to ceiling fan on. Apparently ceiling fans repel monsters!

I love how much more reliable and independent Eli is becoming. He can get dressed by himself, put his shoes on by himself, go potty by himself, and a host of other things that make the life of a stay-at-home-mom with a new baby easier. I also love that we can set boundaries and expect that he will abide by him. For example, we got out the easel for him to play with and were able to set out a small container of chalk for him to use whenever he wants. We explained to him that it was ONLY for drawing on the easel - not on the walls or anywhere else, and he understood that he must follow these rules or get the chalk taken away. I love that thought process that is developing in him!

He loves making towers!

Snuggling with dad.

Mother's Day 2015.  I can't remember the last time I used the carrier with him (well before I was pregnant with Ben) but he was having a particularly hard time that day and nothing else would do!

Getting a ride from Grandpa and Dad.

Memorable Eli quotes from the last 6 months:
Mom, I want some butter on my toast - oh wait, let me think about this....mom, may I PLEASE have some butter on my toast?
Dad: Time to go to bed Eli
[cue stall tactics]Eli: What's that?! (Pointing at my fingernails)
Dad: Fingernails
Eli: I have fingernails too! (Pause then feels my face) Dad, what you have?!
Dad: Whiskers buddy
Eli: Whiskers? (Pauses thinking) Dad, you a Wookiee!

"What are we having for dinner, mom?"
"I don't want salmon. I want lobster."
(to my knowledge he has never had lobster!)

Eli is not fan of character meet-and-greets at Disney!

Happiest Place on Earth?

This seems to be his default face when meeting characters.

Chewbacca was a definite no-go!

Other favorite pictures from the last six months:
Eli got to accompany me when I went shopping for a new pair of glasses.  Of course he had to try a few on for himself.

Playing with cousin Damon.

Post-nap hair.

Playing Jenga.  He has to sit way back from the tower when it's not his turn because the temptation is a lot to handle!

Reading with mom.

We took a boat ride in Pappy and Gigi's boat and had lunch on Lake Minneola.  Eli enjoyed playing in the water!

"I dressed myself today!"

Pictures taken by Eli:

Eli went through a phase where he flat-out refused to smile for pictures:

Then he moved on to attempting to smile but not really succeeding.  We got some really interesting pictures at this stage:

But now he seems to have mastered smiling for pictures and will do so most of the time!