Monday, September 28, 2015

Ben is six months old!

Six months is a magical age!  With the glaring exception of teething, Ben has been a happy, smiley baby.  He is working on sitting up and has two teeth with one more ready to come through any day.  His little personality is shining through.  He has decided to be a thumb sucker.  He has figured out how to blow raspberries and likes when you do it back to him!

He can sit up in a high chair if we pad it heavily.  He's not crazy about it (and not crazy about going out to restaurants in general).


Post-bath selfie with mom!

Such a funny moment.  He grabbed April's face with both of his hands and pulled her in for some snuggles!

Trying out the bumbo chair!  He likes it, but only for a minute or two before he starts to fuss.

Check out my new teeth!

We call this the "Gorilla sit."  

"Mom, how long will this baby be staying?"

With Amanda, the world's most tolerant dog.

Sleeping through church,

Teething is hard!

Sweet sleeping angel.

With great-grandma Lynda on her birthday.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Cooks Visit

In August we were very pleased to spend time with my brother and his family as they visited from Massachusetts.  Ben was especially excited because this was his first time meeting his Northern family!

Meeting Uncle Dave!

Sarah is a big-time baby lover and was especially thrilled to meet her new cousin.  Ben looks pretty pleased too.

The two littles - Lydia (almost one year) and Ben (five months).

Sarah and Eli catching up.  They love being silly together!

Eli and Josiah.  I just love watching those two!  They're less than a month apart and they play so well together!

Sarah loved holding Ben!  She was even patient with him when he grabbed her hair.

You can tell Sarah and Josiah are used to being around babies.

It was very windy that day, as you can see by Sarah's hair.

My Grandma Lynda with all six of her great-grandchildren.  Getting a decent picture of all the kids was not meant to be this day!

Case in point.  But I still love this picture.  It's true to life!

We tried again the next day and had better luck!

The beautiful Cook family!

Gigi (my mom) with all her grandchildren.  Five of them age five & under!

Between my mom and I we managed to find a Coke for everyone!

We took turns having Sarah and Josiah over to our house for sleepovers.  Eli and Josiah made SO MUCH NOISE during this car ride!

But they did play very nicely together.  

Silly boys.

With Sarah the next night.  

Splash pad fun!

 This is probably my favorite picture from the whole visit.