Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ben's Baptism

In July we had Ben baptized at our church.  It was a great day which we shared with many family members who came in his honor.

It was only their second Sunday at a brand-new church, but Pastors Debbie and Daryl did a great job! Trial by fire, it's what we Methodists like!

This classic moment brought to you by Eli.  We had a friend taking pictures for us, and when the flash on the camera went off, he said "She's flashing me!"  Oh, Eli...

"I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." 

"Together, you and I are going to make bowties fashionable again, Ben!"  

Who doesn't like a good baby toe?

The only way we could get Eli to smile for this picture!  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ben is Five Months Old!

With both of my boys I have found that 4-5 months is one of my favorite ages!  Just look at this sweetness and you'll see what I mean!

Full of smiles, content to watch his big brother play, and a good sport when the teething pains visit him -we just love our sweet boy!

We have entered the easily distracted, very active phase of nursing!  It's a full contact sport.
Nursing is hard work!  Sometimes a power nap is in order.  This is the difference between my first baby and my second baby.  With my first, I would have worried about all the things I had to do during naptime.  With my second, I just soak it in!

Has started to "talk" a little!  He likes it when his efforts are acknowledged!
We have a jumper that Ben got to try out this month - he likes to just hang out in it, but hasn't really started jumping yet.

One big difference we've noticed compared to when Eli was a baby is that Ben is a big-time chewer!  Eli was never really into putting things in his mouth but we think we're in for it with Ben!  Already he will be holding onto your finger and then casually start to bring it towards his mouth…
He hasn't really shown any interest in solid food yet so we are holding off for now.

Toes are a favorite!

We got the famous Sofia the Giraffe teething toy for Eli, and he didn't care one bit for it.  Ben, however, is a fan!

Ben knows just what to do with junk mail!

Happy boy hanging with dad!

Tummy time with big brother.

Eli offered some moral support to Ben during his 4-month checkup.

We participated in a photo shoot for World Breastfeeding Week!

A very cranky baby just has to be worn.  We didn't figure out until two days later that the fussiness was due to teething! No teeth have made an appearance yet but they sure are giving him a hard time!

With my friend's daughter.  She was so excited to be able to hold him all by herself!

The outtake,

Trying out a restaurant high chair for the first time!  He was a fan the first time, but since then has decided he doesn't like it.  He's still working on sitting up by himself so we have to pad the chair and I don't think he likes that.  Soon enough he'll be sitting up on his own!

This month Ben discovered a new trick - sucking on his bottom lip!  It's so cute!  It looks like he's very deep in thought when he does it.