Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ben is Four Months Old!

Having a four month old is interesting.   With both of my babies, I’ve found myself emerging from the newborn phase wondering how I ever survived!  As Ben discovers more about the world around him and discovers new tricks, we all find ourselves mesmerized by the wonderment that is babyhood! 

Weight: 17lbs 14oz (my biceps believe it from carrying around our big boy!)
Diapers: size 3 and cloth
Clothes: very quickly growing out of size 3-6 months!
Physically:  His hair still sticks straight up in the back, much to the amazement of everyone who sees him.  Eyes are still blue.

Likes: drooling (no teeth have made an appearance, but he’s drooling up a storm!), “standing up” (pushing downward with his feet while being held).

Dislikes: putting on clothes (especially the over-the-head part!)

Holds his head up completely on his own.

We finally found a swaddling solution that works for Ben - swaddling with one arm out seems to be what works for him now. He considers being swaddled with both arms an invitation to break free, but needs the security of at least one arm secured.

He's definitely a finger sucker.  He hasn't settled on one particular finger as a favorite - he prefers to try them all!
Ben is starting to get better at rolling, but still usually stays where we left him.  He likes to roll from one side to the other and hang out for awhile, then cry until someone helps him roll back. Eli especially enjoys helping him get back to where he is happy!

Mollie supervises playtime.

Watching the two boys is truly a joy.  Eli has mastered interacting with Ben (for the most part) and doesn’t display any jealousy towards him.  Eli likes to tell Ben about the things they will do together when Ben is bigger and including Ben in what he is doing by “showing” him.  

I am often asked what the animals think of baby Ben.  For the most part they don't really notice him yet.  They're used to a lot of noise, thanks to Eli, so he just seems to blend right in as far as they're concerned.  I'm sure that will change once he hits the tail grabbing phase!  They learned to run pretty quickly when Eli got there!

If we thought Eli was a big baby, Ben is off the charts!  Our boy is a BIG boy with some serious chubby rolls.
Just look at all that extra padding!

Some more pictures:
Taking a nap in the carrier at church.

With mommy's cousin Rachel.

Meeting Princess Anna at Disney!

With mommy's friend Miss Jennifer.

He loves his daddy!

Getting an adjustment from Dr. Erin.  For some reason he thought it was really funny!

The Wolfe boys on the Fourth of July!

I like this outtake even better!

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Anonymous said...

What a hug! Ben is growing so fast.