Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ben is three months old!

These are the months where my babies seem to grow and change every day, which makes time seem to go by even faster than usual.  Ben is such a joy!  He is generous with his smiles and giggles. I love how he smiles with his whole body, especially his eyes!  We are starting to have an easier time going places, now that we're on a little bit of a routine.

Some updates on Ben:
Clothes size: 3 months (moved into that size shortly after turning two months old!)
Diapers: size 2 and cloth
Weight and length: we’ll have an update next month when we visit the pediatrician again (suffice it to say we have a BIG boy!)
Holds his head up pretty much by himself.

Rolled over for the first time (tummy to back) at 13 weeks.
Has started to reach for things.
Has started to enjoy playing with toys. Mostly he just holds them and chews on them.
Likes: looking at the toys on his baby gym and grabbing them, under the chin tickles, bathtime

Dislikes: putting on clothes, especially the over-the-head part.

Some more pictures:
Helping to lead worship at church.

Mom and dad went to Star Ward weekend at Disney and all I got was this Yoda onesie!

Don't worry, he got to go the next time!

Sitting with big brother in the front yard.

Someone was glad daddy got home from work!

Take a look at that hair!  We get all sorts of comments about it when we go out.

It's a cute picture until you realize that Eli's pants are unbuttoned!

This pose must be comfortable, because he likes to be in it!

Happy boy with a fashionable mohawk!

Enjoying a book with big brother.

Poolside with grandma Phyl.

We love when Great-Grandma Lynda comes to visit!

Sometimes Eli asks to 'nuggle' baby brother before bedtime.  He loves his brother, but he also loves to stall!

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Anonymous said...

There is no denying that they are brothers! So much CUTE!