Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Curious Case of Benjamin Daniel, Part One

 (Many thanks to my brother Dave for doing the editing on this picture!)

On our first real date, Mike and I discussed how many kids we wanted and what their names would be. I guess you could say we've never been one for taking things slow! Ironically, neither of our kids got names off of the list we compiled that night. The story of how Benjamin got his name starts soon after we found out that we were having another boy. We wanted another Biblical name, preferably Old Testament like Elijah’s name.  I was driving to the grocery store with Eli in the back seat and I found myself contemplating what it would be like to have two boys in the house. Suddenly, the name BENJAMIN popped into my head out of nowhere. It wasn't a name that I had ever considered before, but suddenly I liked the sound of it. Every Benjamin I've ever known has been a likable, amiable person (and as a former teacher I've had more than one name ruined for me!)  So I put that name in my mental file and forgot about it until Mike and I were getting ready for bed that night. That was when Mike and I had this conversation:

Mike: have you thought of any more boy names?
Me: yes I have; what about you?
Mike: I thought of one name that we haven't discussed before, but I really like it. What did you come up with?
Me: Benjamin

Once we learned that we had both come up with the same name independent of each other, we knew that it was meant to be. After a few days of trying the name out, we decided to make it official, and from that point on I thought of him as Benjamin. We knew we wanted him to go by a shortened version of the name, but we weren't sure which one would suit him best, so we decided to wait until he arrived to see whether it would be Ben, Benjy, Benny etc. Ben was definitely my frontrunner though.  The more reading we did on the name, the more we realized that the name worked for us on many levels. In The Blessing of Jacob (Genesis 49: 1-27), Benjamin is referred to as a "ravenous wolf."  Considering that our last name is Wolfe, it was a humorous coincidence (and he certainly has proved to be ravenous!)  

And that's the story of how Ben got his first name.  Part Two Coming Soon  :)

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Anonymous said...

Ben's name story is very interesting. I especially like the ravenous wolf part. Thanks for sharing.

Love, Grandma