Friday, April 10, 2015

Catching Up

We found out that we were expecting baby #2 on July 4th, 2014.  We hoped to have more children, but we went through some unexplained fertility issues when trying for Eli, which involved surgery and terrible medication for me, and since I was unwilling to do that again, we knew that our chances of getting pregnant “the old fashioned way” were slim.  But before we get to that story, I have to back up and tell you about the positive health changes I have made in my life since my pregnancy with Eli.  As Eli’s second birthday approached, I couldn’t help but feel that I wasn’t enjoying life as much as I used to.  I was constantly tired, and it was getting to the point where I couldn’t attribute it solely to chasing around a toddler.  I was having issues with my skin and teeth, I was overweight, and I was in pain all day long – a full-body type of ache that lasted all day.  I heard about a doctor in The Villages that was more holistically minded, and I thought that he might be able to help me uncover the CAUSE of my issues, not just treat the symptoms.  So I switched to him as my primary doctor, and he helped me uncover the cause of my issues – a dairy allergy.  I gave up dairy completely at the end of May 2014, and after an absolutely terrible first week of detoxing, I noticed a difference right away.  I lost 15 pounds in the first three weeks!  My energy level was much better, and my teeth and skin looked much more vibrant.  I am so grateful that I was able to figure out what was wrong with me, because I was seriously starting to feel like an old lady!  So that’s where I was on July 4th, 2014.  We were in Saint Augustine visiting Mike’s parents, and they volunteered to take Eli for one night so we could get a hotel and have some toddler-free time.  I realized that day that my cycle was running a little long (pretty normal for me), but I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility that I *might* be pregnant.  So finally I couldn’t take it anymore and asked Mike if we could stop at Walgreens and pick up a pregnancy test.  I told him that I just needed to confirm that I was indeed NOT pregnant and then we could enjoy our weekend.  So we stopped for a test (why do I always feel so conspicuous when buying those things?) and when we got to the hotel we decided that I should just go ahead and take it first thing.  Those few minutes it takes to get the results are some of the longest minutes of my life, but deep down I knew what it would say before I even looked at it.  I stood there in the bathroom for a minute, wanting to see the look of shock on my sweet husband’s face, but also needing to take a minute to absorb the news myself.  For just that one minute in the bathroom, it was just me and my sweet baby, and I felt love grow in my heart for that tiny little being.  I immediately loved that little person as much as I loved Eli.
Then it was time to tell Mike.  I couldn’t do much more than say “Well….” And hand him the test to read for himself.  He looked at it, and I could tell that he read it five or six times before it really sank in.  Then his eyes got really big!  As he did with Eli, he made me take the second pregnancy test that came in the box “just to make sure.”

Learning that you are expecting a baby sinks in gradually.  As you realize how your life is about to change, you think about small things (like how I had JUST gotten into my first handstand in yoga and wouldn’t be able to safely do them anymore) and big things (HOW am I going to handle two kids at once?!?)  I found out several weeks earlier than I did with Eli, so we had more time to keep the secret.  The morning sickness hit around seven weeks, and it was as bad as the first time around, except this time I had a two year old to keep entertained.  But after that finally passed around 13 weeks, I felt much better overall compared to my first pregnancy.  I attribute that – and probably the fact that I got pregnant in the first place – to the positive diet changes I made in my life.  I am so grateful!

First glimpse of our sweet baby!

Eli did a great job revealing the news to our friends and family!

12 weeks in front of our new (to us) van.  Our old one died an honorable death (although I would have preferred it not be while I was driving it on the highway!)

14 weeks.  I loved wearing that maternity dress with Eli, and I was excited to be able to bring it out again!

The picture we used to reveal the news on Facebook in October.  It was taken on my brother’s front porch in Massachusetts.

Mike’s reaction upon finding out that we were having another boy!  We went to a restaurant  just the two of us, and they wrote the news on our dessert plate (our ultrasound tech put it in a sealed envelope for us).

There he is!

We used these pictures to break the news to our friends and family online:

Halloween 2014.  Still don’t really look pregnant.  My belly was not nearly as large this time around.

Big brother gives the baby a checkup.

27 weeks and celebrating Mike’s birthday at Epcot.

30 weeks (Eli was not thrilled about Mickey and Minnie!)

Backyard yoga with my fitness buddy.  He takes that title very seriously!

Ravenclaw once again enjoyed lying on my stomach whenever she got the chance.

35 weeks!

We had a baby shower thrown by our small group.  It was Star Wars themed and nerdy and perfect.

37 weeks!


Gwen Farley said...

Such a beautiful and joyful story of renewed hope and new life! Thank you for sharing your journey and all of your beautiful pictures!! Congrats again and again! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacki & Mike,
I loved your story & it included some things I didn't know. I am so happy for you and your family and now your are healthy and can enjoy them even more.
Love, Grandma