Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Family update – February 2013

While it’s true that February is a short month, that doesn’t explain to me why this month went by so incredibly fast.  The biggest realization came when it hit me that my baby would be ONE soon!  Eli turned ten months old in February.   Here are some updates on him:

He is now the proud owner of a 'big boy' convertible car seat

He has 5 teeth- 3 on top and two on bottom. It's strange to hear him bite into a cracker with a CRUNCH!  Indeed, teething has become a regular part of our lives – it arrived shortly after Christmas and seems to get worse with every new tooth.  The most challenging part of teething is that it messes with the sleeping habits we have worked so hard to establish.  The routine now seems to be: Eli starts working on a new tooth, all three of us have a few sleepless nights until it pushes through, we work for a week or so on getting him back to sleeping through the night, then a new tooth starts and we lose all the progress we’ve made.    
Putting all those new chompers to work on an onion ring!

He is surprisingly quick on the draw - he can grab the glasses off your face before you know what hit you!

He said his first word: "mama" A fine choice!  He can also point to mom and dad when asked where they are.
He has decided that morning naps are beneath him, which is not good because although he no longer WANTS to, he NEEDS to nap still.  So we sometimes encounter resistance when we go down for naps.
Likes: banana pudding (sampled on a trip to Jason's Deli), walking in his walker, charming elderly ladies at the grocery store, cell phones

Dislikes: diaper changes (seriously), teething

Playing in the sand – we love Florida in February!

One of the challenges of being home all day with a little boy is keeping him entertained.  Here he has a “sticky ball,” a ball that I covered in tape with the sticky side out.  That kept him busy for awhile!

This picture cracks me up.  Often times when he’s rolling around in his walker, he’ll throw up his hands in a very dramatic fashion.  This kid may be born for the stage!

“Blanket time” outside.  What a silly face!  Sometimes when he sees something particularly entertaining he makes this face and does a weird “reverse snort” – like blowing air out his nose very fast.  

 We introduced Eli to the “food pouches” that are now available on the market.  I’ve gotten them before but always squeezed them into a spoon before doling it out to him.  One day I decided to let him try it, and he knew exactly what to do.  He finished that thing in less than three minutes, and can now drain one in under a minute.  We’ve since purchased re-usable pouches that we can fill with our own homemade baby food.

Hanging out with his buds, Morgan the cat and Amanda the dog.  I love the angle of this photo.

Reading a bedtime story with dad.

Playing with  my friend’s little girl.  She just turned two and is very good with him.  Good thing, too, because she’s about to get a baby sister!

Sensory play/lunchtime with mac and cheese with broccoli.  He picked the broccoli out and left the pasta, surprisingly enough.  This kid loves broccoli, but we have to limit his intake because it makes diaper changing time rather…pungent.

Pure sweetness.  He’s taken to gripping my fingers when he needs a little reassurance.  Love!!

Other family happenings:
We took an ill-fated trip to Orlando that ended in the car being towed back to our house. Eli was not a fan of being broken down under an overpass on the Turnpike.   We've done a fair bit of traveling as of late, including another trade show for the business. This one was in Jacksonville, and afterward we spent a few days visiting Mike's parents in St. Augustine. Eli got to have a sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa while mom and dad had their first night away since he was born!

 We took advantage of the free babysitting and played in a sword store, climbed some trees, and fished. 

First taste of a popsicle at a legendary St. Augustine popsicle store. They also have an entire store dedicated to popcorn.  Yes, please!

On our way home from St. Augustine we stopped for a lunch break in Gainesville and found a cool playground.  The little “pod” Eli is sitting in spins around.  He LOVED it!

Mollie found a way to get out of the yard and into the canal behind our house.  Then she ran all over my floors and rubbed herself on the couch.  Twice.  Which meant that we had to clean a dog, steam clean the couch, and mop the floors twice.

Guilty dog is guilty.

We didn’t put a whole lot in the garden this year, but we have been enjoying some purple baby carrots!

I fell victim to food poisoning.  It was a barrel of laughs.  Luckily I had my buddy Mollie to keep me company. 



Dee said...

Wow! THAT was a busy month!

Glad we got to be part of it TWICE!

Pat said...

Really enjoyed the photos. My favorite one is Eli holding your finger and of course Mollie's guilty look. Thanks for posting and glad you're better.

Anonymous said...

I loved your stories and photos of Eli and your pets and was amazed that you called your bout of food poisioning a barrel of laughs.

Love, Grandma