Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Family update - January 2013

Eli turned 9 months old in January 2012.  Here are some updates on what he’s been up to:

Pooping in the tub (we seem to be in the midst of a phase...)
Looking in mirrors
Pressing buttons
Grabbing anything within reach
Pulling off shoes and socks
Playing in his new ball pit

His current favorite activity, however, had to be walking in his walker – he has really taken to this thing!

Sometimes when the weather is warm we go outside and have some walker time.  For awhile he made a beeline for our neighbor’s truck every time, and we couldn’t figure out why…

…then we discovered he could see his reflection in the bumper (and check out my super long legs!)

At his 9month checkup, he weighed 20lb7oz and was 29.5 inches long. He also peed on our pediatrician, a very patient man named Dr. Uson 

Favorite songs: Eli really seems to like Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  When he is fussing in the car we can put turn on one of their songs and he’ll usually quiet right down.  You wouldn’t think a baby would like such a heavy metal sound, but he does!  Perhaps the concert we attended with him in utero shaped his preferences.
 He also really likes Nick McKaig, a guy who does acapella song covers on YouTube.  His favorite is the Star Wars Theme!

Other fun updates:
Learned how to wave "hello" and "bye-bye" - proudly waves to people, cars, trees...
Got his second and third teeth (one on top, one on bottom).  That brings the grand total to three!
Signed his first sign - "all done"
Eli has started to show more of an interest in finger foods.  So far his favorites are rice and beans and a homemade Broccoli-Cheddar Mini-Muffin.

His hair has gotten thicker and shows some definite curl!

We took a trip to Fort Lauderdale to attend a trade show for our business.  Eli had a great time meeting new people and selling potting soil!  He really seems to love being "out" more than staying home.

What a difference a year makes!

Hotel bath!

He also surprised us by pulling up in our hotel room.  Walking can’t be far behind!

 Waving to the cars in Fort Lauderdale

Other pictures:
 At a birthday party for my friend’s little girl….I’m glad someone caught this moment!

First time using a hip carry with the ring sling…not a perfect arrangement the first time, but we’ve gotten better at it.

 Visiting Gigi at work.

Eli is getting big enough to “roughhouse” a little with dad.  Mike enjoys that immensely!

"Oh dad, you’re so much fun!”

Eli had to come out with his own versions of the “beach babe” pose since his cousin Josiahdebuted it.

As he’s learned to get around, he’s come up with some interesting ways of sitting…

Hanging out with Grandpa Clyde.

Amanda and Eli are still BFFs.

We took some pictures of Eli at my parent’s house that are absolutely priceless.  We had double full moons!

“pssst…can you please tell my mom to NOT bring these out when I bring my first girlfriend home in 16 years?”

Poor Eli, he never gets any attention…