Thursday, January 03, 2013

Family Update – November

A few updates on Eli:

Clothing size: mostly 6 months, with some 6-9 (we have to use 6-9 month pants in order to get the right length for our tall boy!)

Diaper: Disposable size 4 and we had to let out the cloth diapers to their largest size. 
Weight: around 19 lbs
Length: 28.5 inches
New foods: peaches, butternut squash, parsnips (in addition to all the fruits and veggies we already enjoy.  Pears and avocado are still the favorites – we will try some meats and dairy in the upcoming weeks!

Leaves are another favorite food.

Favorites: Seeing how many things he can told in his hand at once, getting tickles from Daddy, sleeping with his favorite stuffed animal (Snuggle Gator) and covered with an afghan, playing with the dogs (which mostly entails tugging their ears – Amanda especially is so patient with him and will sit next to him by her own accord!), blowing raspberries with his mouth, going for walks in the stroller

Other fun details:
  • Eli can now recognize his own name
  • His hair is getting thicker and seems to have a little wave to it
  • We completely dropped the Swaddle - we were wrapping up his legs only for awhile because if he could get to his feet he would just play with them instead of going to sleep.
  • Got his first "shiner" - a bump on his head from a fall in which I cried harder than he did.  The whole learning to sit up business is hard work!  He sits up pretty well now - I still put pillows behind him when he's on a hard surface just in case.
  • He has turned out to be a pretty sociable baby.  He doesn’t seem to mind being held by people he’s not familiar with.  In fact there have been some cases where he’s tried to launch himself from my arms into the arms of a stranger.  I tend to be pretty laid back about people holding him, although I do prefer that other people not pass him to people he’s not familiar with without asking me.

Some pictures:
Snoozing with Grandpa Clyde.

This is how Eli prefers to play – kicked back and relaxed!

Amanda worked on her street cred.

Jumping sure is tiring!

One exciting thing that happened in November was Eli’s baptism!

 He had the hiccups the entire time.

Then he found Pastor Mike's lapel microphone.

But at least he didn't scream!

Way past naptime! 

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Saint Augustine

 Mike made a delicious smoked turkey for the occasion.  I never really liked turkey until I had turkey made by this guy!

Playground time in the beautiful north Florida weather!

With Grandma and Grandpa Wolfe

On our way back home we stopped briefly in Gainesville to show Eli where we went to school (and take pictures of course!)

On the field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

My baby Gator! 

 Studying the refined art of the Gator Chomp.

Meeting Tim Tebow

We closed out November by going to a Christmas Tree Farm in Dade City to cut our own Christmas Tree.  It was our first time visiting Ergle Christmas Trees and we had a great time!  It was the first Christmas-related thing we’ve ever done with Eli.

Searching for the perfect tree.

 “Nope, not that one, dad…”

 Found it!

 Mike showed that tree who's boss!

Playtime among the trees.

 Someone loves his daddy!

 Fun on the train ride!

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