Friday, January 18, 2013

Family Update: December

A few updates on Eli: (since we all know that's the real reason you come to this blog!)

Clothes size: mostly 6-9 months (we can still squeeze some use out of 6 month onesies)
Diaper: Size 4 disposable, although we mostly use cloth
Weight: around 20 pounds
Hair: coming in thicker every day, with some definite curl in it!
Turned 8 months old on December 5th

Laughing when other people are laughing
Pulling off bibs at mealtime
Taking a bin full of toys and removing them all.
Looking at the handsome baby in the mirror.
When mommy "eats" his hands
Favorite foods: avocado, pears, cranberries (mixed with pears or apples)
Favorite song: The Wheels on the Bus

Eli turned 8 months old in December, just before Mike celebrated his birthday.  We went to a local amusement park with some dear friends to celebrate.

Eli was a great sport in the bird room.  He wasn’t too sure at first but he warmed right up.  The birds, however, never warmed up to his grabbing hands.

 You have to take a picture in the gator’s mouth when you go to Gatorland!

The highlight of Mike’s day – we randomly ran into Grant Imahara from the show Mythbusters! Mike has been a fan of his since his Battelbots days.  In this picture I see two nerds and one future nerd : )

Fun story: Eli sent his first email by grabbing my iPhone and touching the screen randomly. All it took him was the few seconds it took me to stand up. The customer service team for the  iBaby log app now have a very confusing email in their inbox.

We were lucky enough to take advantage of our friend’s in-home photography studio to take some priceless pictures.  I will cherish these forever!  I haven’t framed any of them yet because I can’t make up my mind which is my favorite!

 We’ve been taking advantage of the mild Florida winter and doing some hiking.  Eli loves being in the hiking backpack….especially grabbing Daddy’s hair and ears!

Playing while under Amanda’s watchful supervision.

 We’re trying to teach Eli to pet animals gently…luckily we have very patient dogs.



Dee said...

Looks like a very happy December. Eli sure does have a sweet smile.

I think my favorite is Eli wrapped in lights with the dog.

Aunt Pat said...

Eli is so cute, especially when he's smiling! His eyes just light up. Personally, frame them all! But I really like him sitting so nice & tall in blue AND the dog one.