Friday, April 19, 2013

....And now it's time to say goodbye to all our company....

I have slowly been growing more and more frustrated with the blog host I've been using since the first days of my blog.  Running into technical glitches seems to be the norm now, including my favorite - getting ready to publish only to have the whole thing crash.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Plus keeping up with publishing basically the same content on the blog and my online scrapbooking service is getting tedious and time consuming.  Today I came across a possible solution - it looks like I can share a link for others to access an online version of the scrapbook I'm creating for the year!  So I think I'm going to try that.  I'll post the link through facebook.  If you're not friends with me on facebook, I don't think I want you looking at pictures of my baby.  Win-win!  We'll see how this goes...

Family update - March 2013

Eli turned 11 months old in the month of March.  Here are some updates on what he’s been up to:

Has a silly new game with daddy where dad says BONK and Eli  head butts dad's chest. They both think it’s hilarious. I have a feeling that one day Mike will be sorry he taught him that.


He graduated to the fun racecar shopping cart at Publix.  He takes his driving responsibilities very seriously.  He tries to run over the retirees who mistake him for a girl.

In looking at pictures I can tell that he has really thinned out since he started crawling - no chunk on this kid!  He also has a head full of CURLS!  Which of course earns him even more attention from the many retirees we have in the area.  Which of course he loves.

We went to a story time at the library featuring animals from a local farm. He loved the bunnies, wasn't sure about the hen and her chicks, couldn't have cared less about the turtle, and had mixed feelings about the baby goat, which seemed intent on getting at the contents of Eli's diaper.

He has started to be a little more independent, and can entertain himself for about 10 minutes at a time - major progress!  Surprisingly, as he's grown more independent he's also gotten cuddlier and has started to ask to be picked up at times.

Pick me up please!”


He stood up by himself - we were sitting outside on a blanket and he used my leg to support himself, then (with NO hesitation) let go and stood upright by himself for a few seconds. He was quite proud of himself!  He’s continued to practice this skill often.

This has become a regular sight in our house.

We went on Eli’s first boat ride.  From his perspective, it consisted of being put in a constraining life jacket and not being allowed to crawl around.  So needless to say he was not impressed.

Getting a navigation lesson from a friend.

Eli also got his first drum lesson!  He likes drums better than boats as of now.

Likes: stuffing leaves in his shirt, bananas, putting smaller things inside bigger things, fitting many things inside his hand, pressing buttons.

“How many crackers can I fit into my hand at once?”

Having to wait more than .01 seconds for anything, being disciplined.

The need to discipline has started to become a little more common in our house as Eli begins to gain an understanding of right and wrong.

It’s hard to believe that sweet face could ever need to be corrected!  Don’t let him fool you, though, this kid has a mind of his own!

Unfortunately, March brought Eli’s first cold.  I did not enjoy watching my little boy be so uncomfortable!  Everyone is glad that’s past us.  It was also his first trip to the doctor for anything but a checkup - I guess making it 11 months is pretty good!