Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family update - October 2012

Eli turned 6 months old in October.  He had his 6th month checkup and was in the 90th percentile for weight (18 lbs 7 oz) and was in the 80th percentile for height and the 70th for head size.    He began to figure out how to blow raspberries with his mouth.  As of now we’re only getting a weird noise and lots of spit, but we’re getting close!  When he was first starting to practice it sounded a lot more like a sneeze than anything else!  We are also getting more and more adept at rolling – no more setting baby down and expecting him to stay in the same place!

We’ve had fun trying out new foods this month, and he has loved all of them.  We have added pears, pumpkin, peas, and green beans to our regular rotation.
We are now a supported sitter!  Soon after our last update he started to indicate that he really wanted to sit up, but would flop over after a few seconds.  We use the Boppy pillow as a cushion around him to prevent any injuries as he perfects this skill.

 When I look at this picture I am struck at how much he’s grown.  When he was first born we used to lay him down perpendicular in his crib and he had room to spare – now he seems so long!  In this picture you can see Snuggle Gator, his favorite stuffed animal.  When I put him down for a nap I put Snuggle Gator on top of him and he rolls over to watch his mobile and drift off to sleep.  And he does it all with exceptional cuteness! 

Practicing sitting up under the watchful eye of Pappy (my dad).

“NO, mom, I’m not ready to be awake yet!”

We also went to Tennessee to visit my parents in their new house, but that will be a separate post   :)  I've been working on this post in three-minute increments since November 1st, and if I didn't cut it short it never would have made it to the Interwebs!

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Lynn said...

LOVE the pictures! Amazing how quickly they grow! Their first year is amazing in their growth.