Sunday, October 07, 2012

Elijah 6 months update

During his 5th month of life, Eli started doing lots of new things:
We tried a Jumperoo for the first time – a little hesitant at first and not sure what to do, but he very soon figured it out.  He now loves jumping and bouncing!

This month we started on fruits and vegetables, and he has gobbled up all of them!  So far we’ve tried avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, apples, and carrots.  The first time we give him something new he seems to take his time and mull over the new taste, but after that, the faster the better!  I think he would prefer a funnel to the spoon!  Sometimes he grabs the spoon and tries to “rake” the food from the spoon into his mouth.

One day I tried putting a blob of baby food on his high chair tray to see if he would enjoy playing with it and perhaps feed himself a little with his fingers.  He couldn’t figure out why I was putting yummy food under his nose but not giving it to him!  He has since figured it out quite wel!

Enjoying some cereal courtesy of the NCC-1701B.  It was a gift, along with the bib!

“Spoons are so interesting!”

Enjoying some time in the exersaucer – the look on his face cracks me up!

Another funny face - "Get me outta this car seat before I punch ya!"

We procured an outdoor baby swing, and we like to spend time in it when it’s not too hot. We’re finally starting to cool off a little here in Florida.  

 “Feet are tasty!”

Things Eli Loves: 

  • “petting” the animals – Amanda is especially patient with him! 

  • grabbing long hair, glasses and dangly earrings

    “Hey wait, this guy has no hair, earrings, or glasses to grab.  NEXT!!"
    Favorite moments:
    Eli is starting to establish his own “sense of self” – he has begun to realize that he is his own person, separate from mommy.  This manifests itself in good ways and bad ways: he’s started to try to give kisses and will wrap his arms around my neck for some snuggles, but also sometimes gets upset when he realizes I am not within eyesight.  One day when I was carrying him to his room for a nap, he wrapped both his arms around my neck and gave me a big squeeze.  I’m sure he didn’t exactly know what he was doing (in fact he was probably trying to grab my hair) but it still warmed this mama’s heart.


Dee said...

He is really checking out that guy's head in the last picture! LOL

Such a cute little guy you have. Can't wait to see you, Mike and Eli again and maybe get one of those hugs for myself.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such great parents. Thank you for sharing all those little "special" moments in Eli's and your lives.

Love, Grandma Lynda

Danielle Forlaw said...

Oh my Gish. Eli is adorable and I am looking forward to meeting him this weekend. What a good mommy you are to be documenting this stuff so well. He will one day enjoy looking back on this. I can't wait for Eli and Will hang out on Saturday. Go gators!