Friday, September 14, 2012

Elijah 5 months update

The big news this month is that we started solid foods!  We just do a little cereal before bedtime, and he loves it.  Loves.  It.

 The first time we tried it he didn’t even hesitate, he just sucked it right off the spoon!

 “More please!”


Other new things that we have tried this month include time in the exersaucer, which he has gradually grown to enjoy more and more.  I think he got tired easily when we first started him in it.  Notice that in the lower part is the world's most patient cat, Ravenclaw.  Why she gets under there when he's in it I have no idea!

Progress - Now that Eli has another month under his belt, he has made progress in several different areas:
He is better about not getting upset when he rolls over onto his belly.  He usually either rolls back when he is ready or just hangs out on his stomach.  He can sometimes get his knees under his chest when he’s hanging out on his stomach, too!

Watching the Olympics.

He’s made lots of progress in sleeping!  This was strongly associated with when we started him on solids.  I know, I know, the most current research says that feeding solids before bed has no affect on the quality of their sleep.  Whatevs.  All I know is, I have energy for the first time in five months.
 Ready for bed. Mike has named all of Eli’s stuffed animals – this one is affectionately called Snuggle Gator.

He is a little more independent.  For awhile it seemed like he was screaming if I wasn’t actively entertaining him.  Now he can sit in his exersaucer for a few minutes at a time and entertain himself while mom puts in a load of laundry – a nice bit of progress!  

Independent play on the floor – this is his pre-sneeze face!

He started drinking water from a sippy cup, too!

 We finished our first Shel Silverstein book!  We read every night before bed.

 I’m so glad that I get to parent this baby with such an amazing man.  I feel that we balance each other out nicely in our parenting styles, just like everything else in life.  Mike tends to be more apt to “push” Eli out of his comfort zone – for example, when we were first starting a bathtime routine, I was horrified  when Mike dumped water on his head, letting it run down his face.  But he wanted the baby to get used to it, and now he doesn’t mind getting his face wet at all.  I never would have thought to do that.

Wet and happy baby!

 Two of my babies! Morgan the cat is still a little unsure about the baby…

With Grandma Phyl.

With Grandpa Clyde.

Love my little man!

There's nothing quite like getting belly laughs from this little guy!

Cousin April came over after work to help with bath time and story time!

I love everything about this picture!  My dad (Pappy) with Eli, who is shirtless due to a diaper explosion.

He fell asleep gripping the sides of his carseat.  I promise I’m not a crazy driver!

A little unsure of himself in the pool.  The water was still a little cool!

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Such sweet pictures! Love the one with you and him.