Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Year Ago

I woke up early on the morning of Sunday, August 28th, 2011.  I thought to myself “now is as good a time as ever.”  I crawled out of bed carefully so as not to wake up Mike.  I didn’t want him to know what I was planning on doing.  The specialist had told me that our quest to have a child had once again failed, that the drugs that had been so hard on my body were not working and that I’d have to take even stronger ones once my next cycle started.  I was told to call once it did, and warned that it might take a little longer than normal.  “Call us if you don’t get anything in a few weeks, we have medicine for that too!” I was told. 


A few weeks passed.  I knew the drill well enough to know that when I called to report that I was still waiting on the start of my next cycle, they wouldn’t do anything until I took a pregnancy test.  Which would explain why I was standing in my bathroom with a pregnancy test in my hand.  I had grown to hate those things – they’re a 30-second roller coaster.  I would wait on the results just long enough to start thinking that maybe, maybe, it was finally MY turn, only to crash back down to reality once the single line appeared.  Every time it was the same.  At least this time I wouldn’t have to tell Mike that the results were negative, since he didn’t know I was planning on taking the test.  The poor guy had been through enough dealing with me while I was on those meds.  Here we go…

And then the test immediately turned positive.  I clapped my hand over my mouth to catch the word that almost tumbled out of it.  I checked the results against the box six times to make sure I was reading it right.  Then I checked it four more times.  Then it hit me: I must really be pregnant!  I didn’t know how that could be possible, but it was!  That would explain why my waistline was disappearing and I suddenly had no interest in food…

Now what??  In a few minutes, I would try to cogently explain to Mike what had happened, only to blurt it out, but first I took a minute to sit in the bathroom and let it sink in.  For that 60 second span, it was just me and that tiny baby, getting to know each other for the first time.

Elijah Michael, you are my shining star.  I will never forget the moment when I first found out about you.  You were worth the wait!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Elijah - 4 month update

After our afternoon feeding today, I grasped Elijah’s hands and he pushed up with his feet, standing on my knees.  I asked him, “when did you get to be such a big boy?”  This was his response:

What a silly boy!

We once again marvel at the changes that another month have brought for our son.  We just love interacting with him, especially getting him to giggle and smile! 

Height: 26.5 inches (90th percentile).  That means he’s grown 6 inches in his 4 months of life!
Weight: 16 lbs, 9 oz (90th percentile).  He’s almost doubled his birthweight!
Head: 17.5 inch circumference (90th percentile)

Likes: bathtime, ceiling fans, napkins, eating, grasping interesting objects, pulling out dad’s chest hair, rolling over (although he often gets “stuck” and doesn’t know what to do after rolling over onto his stomach!)

Dislikes: getting his nails trimmed (mostly because he wiggles a lot and it’s resulted in a few accidents!), “swimming” in water that’s not extremely warm

Sleep: It seems to be one step forward, one step back with this kid.  He *was* sleeping from 10:00pm t 6:30am, which brought about much rejoicing on our part, but has started waking up multiple times again.  We’re really hoping we will start making forward again very soon!  

We follow the wake-eat-activity-sleep cycle, which was a little challenging at first because the baby has to learn how to fall asleep by himself, but all that hard work has paid off!  I can typically lay him down in his crib fully awake and he will go to sleep by himself, although he does enjoy having a paci, being swaddled, and watching his crib mobile while he drifts off.  The pacifier will fall out as soon as he falls asleep or a little before.  I wasn’t crazy about using a pacifier at first, because I hate the idea of a 3-year old running around with that thing in his mouth all the time, but he doesn’t seem dependent on it.  The only other time we sometimes use it is to keep him quiet if we’re out and he’s a little past due for his next nap.  Elijah still likes to be swaddled, which is less common for babies his age, and we’ve been challenged to find swaddlers that fit our big boy!  Keeping him from busting out of his swaddle has become increasingly difficult, so we’ve decided to try to wean him off of it.  We’re starting by wrapping him up with one arm out for a few naps per day, and it takes him longer to fall asleep when swaddled that way, but he is improving.

Favorite moments: we were sitting on the couch together one afternoon, and he inadvertently tickled me under my arm.  I was so surprised I started laughing, and then he started laughing too!  Of course that made me laugh even harder, and we both just sat there laughing at each other, enjoying the sweet moment.

 “Swimming” in Uncle Randy’s pool.  He seems to like to okay as long as the water is warm!

 No doubt about it, I make cute babies!

 Elijah will now tolerate spending short amounts of time on his stomach, but still isn’t crazy about it.  Distracting him with his favorite play gym works well!

Fell asleep on mama…he rarely does this anymore.

Sneeze face!

 Happy baby!

 Hanging out with Amanda on the couch.

Eli’s first trip to Gainesville!  Mike is “wearing” him in our Ergo baby carrier, which we LOVE.

 Family picture!