Monday, July 23, 2012

Massachusetts Trip

2012 has turned out to be a banner year for babies in my family – first we had Eli in April, then his cousin Josiah made his grand entrance in May!  Not only that, but THREE of my cousins are also pregnant!  When Josiah came, we just knew that we had to make sure that the cousins met.  So we booked a flight to Massachusetts and tried to wrap our mind around the logistics of packing for an airplane trip with a newborn – not to mention getting through the actual flight without our fellow passengers hating us!  Eli was pretty fussy on the plane – pretty much the only time he slept was during take-off and landing, which was the opposite of what we were told to expect!  I was also struck with how different it is traveling with a child – before, we just had to make sure that we got ourselves from point A to point B in one piece with the majority of our luggage.   It now seems that the amount of things we need has tripled!  

 Uncle Dave picked us up from the airport in Providence and got to meet a very sleepy Eli for the first time.  All that crying on the plane wore him out!

We arrived on Cape Cod just as Sarah was waking up from her nap.  She recognized Mike and I right away (although she seems to think we’re both named Uncle Mike).  Then she got to meet the baby – as soon as she saw him she said “Baby Eli!”  What a smart girl.

I have to wonder what Sarah is thinking in this picture- she already has one new baby in the house, then we brought in another!

 Elijah underwent a thorough inspection, toes included.  He seemed to meet her high standards  :)

Meeting beautiful Aunt Emily for the first time! 

It was so much fun to interact with Sarah as she interacted with Eli!

Sarah is talking up a storm and is such a smart girl!  It’s neat to see her grow up because we can get a glimpse of what the different stages of childhood bring – good things like watching her solve a puzzle by herself, and challenging things like temper tantrums! 

And then, THIS little lovey woke up from his nap! 

What a joy it was to hold little Josiah in my arms for the first time!

Josiah is such a cute little guy.  He has a super sweet smile and the most adorable little giggle. 

I also discovered that Josiah and I have a very special connection – he has a birthmark on his stomach, just like I do!  My grandfather, who passed away over 20 years ago, also had the same mark.  It’s amazing how certain things get passed down from generation to generation!

The babies take some time to talk about baby stuff.

Sarah was glad to offer some “help” during tummy time – although Eli doesn’t seem to appreciate it at this moment…

 She loved “showing” them how tummy time is done!

Now that we both have kids, spending time with my brother and his family is even more special.  It was such a blessing to watch the cousins get to know each other.  We hope they will be close, especially since they are so close in age!

This picture cracks me up because Dave and baby Josiah have the exact same look on their faces.

Sweet Sarah girl.

One of three babies dressed in this picture.  Hey, it was June!

 I’ve never thought that Dave and I look much alike, despite being siblings, but I can see some resemblance in this picture.

 The cousins, wearing matching outfits sewed by my mom.  Way too much cuteness in this picture!

 I’m so glad that my brother had the good sense to marry this girl!

Dave showed off his master grilling skills.

That would be a s’more pizza – thank you, Pinterest.

 Picture taken by me, and edited by Dave.  Doesn’t Josiah look like a little angel?

 While Elijah did NOT enjoy the cold Cape water (he’s a Florida kid like his mom!), Sarah had a ball!  We had to practically drag her out of the water!

   I think I have the cutest niece ever.  

 We visited a small aquarium in Wood’s Hole, and Uncle Mike walked around with Sarah while baby Josiah was being tended to.  I think he really enjoyed seeing it through her eyes.

Lots of stuff to see!

Sarah loves her Uncle Mike!  Any time she would hear someone around a corner she would say “Uncle Mike?” And if it was him she would just light up!  Can’t blame her…

 At the beach, riding in Auntie J's backpack and borrowing Uncle Mike’s hat and sunglasses.

She seemed to enjoy being carried around in the backpack.

And this is how I spent the vast majority of the three and-a-half hour plane ride, afraid to move him at all for fear that he would wake up and start screaming again!  What a change from the days when a plane ride meant listening to music, reading a bit, and enjoying a ginger ale…


Anonymous said...

LOL ---- You know what's funny? The only time Steve and I EVER drink ginger ale? On an airplane!

Cute pictures. Just think of all the wonderful things you get to show Eli!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jacki,

Loved your story of your trip and your interaction with David's family. The photos are all precious. Keep them coming.
Love, Grandma Lynda