Sunday, July 08, 2012

iPhone Picture Dump

We just love when Cousin April comes to visit!

I call this the "Hugh Hefner Look."  Rockin' the short robe!

Getting a bottle from Grandpa Clyde...while Grandpa Clyde enjoys a beer...nice  ;)

Going for a walk with daddy and the dogs.

This picture was taken about 10:30 am.  By that time, Eli had vomited all over himself, gotten a chiropractic adjustment from the lovely Dr. Erin, peed on Dr. Erin whilst getting said adjustment, and completely exploded out of his diaper.  A very full day and a very tired baby!

With Great-Grandma Lynda.

Caught him mid-sneeze!

Check out the fuzzy hair!

Sacked out.

The lake behind my parent's house is way, way down, as it has been for several years.  Not so good for waterskiing, but great for baby's first lake experience!

The water was nice and warm, and he loved it! 

With my mom, also known as GiGi.

My dad and Mike work together about 5 minutes away from our house, so we get to see them for lunch sometimes. As you can see Eli was just thrilled to see his Pappy  :)

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