Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Legacy

It's funny how major life changes cause you to look back more.  I find myself thinking about my grandfather as we approach a very special Father's Day.

This is my Grandpa Crecelius - my mother's dad.  He passed away shortly before my fourth birthday, so I only have a few memories of him.  But I grew up hearing stories and seeing pictures of a man who left a great legacy of hard work and Christian faith.  I have a unique connection to him, because I inherited a birthmark on my stomach from him!
This will indeed be a wonderful Father's Day, because I am married to a wonderful man who has already shown what a great father he is, but I wish Eli could have known his great-grandpa Dick.  I hope he would be proud of me. 


Vicky said...

I knew when I saw the picture that this would be a tear jerker, and I was right. He would absolutely be proud of you!

Dee said...

Happy first Father's Day to Mike. I know your grandfather would be proud of BOTH of you.