Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Legacy

It's funny how major life changes cause you to look back more.  I find myself thinking about my grandfather as we approach a very special Father's Day.

This is my Grandpa Crecelius - my mother's dad.  He passed away shortly before my fourth birthday, so I only have a few memories of him.  But I grew up hearing stories and seeing pictures of a man who left a great legacy of hard work and Christian faith.  I have a unique connection to him, because I inherited a birthmark on my stomach from him!
This will indeed be a wonderful Father's Day, because I am married to a wonderful man who has already shown what a great father he is, but I wish Eli could have known his great-grandpa Dick.  I hope he would be proud of me. 

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Elijah Two Months Update

Eli has definitely lost that squishy “new baby look”.  Most of the time people who don’t know us guess that he’s far older than he is.  We went to the doctor when he was about 6 weeks old and he weighed almost 13 pounds!  He was in the 80th percentile for height and weight and the 50th for head size.  We grow ‘em big in our family – his cousin Josiah is also a big guy!

Elijah smiled early in his second month of life…nothing has ever melted my heart like seeing my boy smile!  Daddy is especially good at bringing forth a joyful grin from our sweet boy.

We often hear that Elijah looks like Mike, and it’s a true statement.  We have baby pictures of Mike where you can definitely see the resemblance.  He does get a few things from me, however – he has hair like I had as a baby, and his ears are more petite like mine.  He has started to display some personality traits that mirror mine as well, and I wonder if he will have a sensitive nature like I do.  He seems to get overwhelmed rather easily and has a high need for comfort.   If he wants to eat, he wants to eat NOW, and if he doesn’t get enough sleep, he’s a bit of a grouch.  I wonder where he possibly could have gotten that from??  (All family members are NOT welcome to give an answer to that question…)

People often ask us how the animals have adjusted to having a baby in the house.  We were lucky enough to have family take the dogs for a few weeks after we brought Elijah home, so we would have one less thing to worry about.  We brought Mollie back into the house first, anticipating that she would have an easier time with it than Amanda.  And boy oh boy, as far as she is concerned, the sun rises and sets on Eli’s shoulders!  She is very protective and always concerned about what he’s doing.  If he cries, she’ll look at me, then the baby, then me, then the baby, as if to say, “DO SOMETHING!!”  If I have him on the changing table for a new diaper, she’s right there at my knee.  If we’re having playtime on the floor, she’s right there with us.  When it was Amanda’s turn to join the family, she was a little more hesitant.  We knew that she doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body, but we were concerned that she wouldn’t adjust well to not getting as much attention.  She has done incredibly well, however, and although she doesn’t display the same level of protectiveness that Mollie does, she seems to be perfectly fine with our new addition.

This is what our evening playtime usually looks like!  Notice how Mollie is letting Eli kick her head!

After some initial trepidation, Eli has decided that bathtime is one of his very favorite things.  He usually starts out very actively enjoying the water, but as we pour the warm water over him, he starts to relax. What a great bedtime routine!

All wrapped up after a bath.

Kisses for my sweet boy.

What a blessing this little one has been in our lives!

 Daddy has a full lap!

 When I compare this picture to last month’s, I can’t believe how much more he fills out his swing!  He’s growing so fast!

One of my favorite things he’s doing right now is when he’s tired and I hold him up on my shoulder.  He rests his little head against me and closes his eyes.  It’s a simple but precious moment that we share together.  It’s the little things in life…