Thursday, April 19, 2012

Note:  the baby came on April 5th - 1 week and 2 days early!  This is the journal entry that I had just finished the night before I went into labor.  Birth story is coming soon!

Week 37

One thing I didn’t realize about pregnancy was that once you hit 37 weeks, you are considered full-term.  Which means that the baby could come tomorrow - or it could come a month from now.  I’m amazed at the number of people who ask me the same question: “How many more days do you have until the baby gets here?”  The answer is, I have no idea!  Babies come when they’re ready!    

Cute story:  I told a story on my Week 15 entry about a little girl in our church who has displayed a lot of curiosity about my ever-expanding belly, and as the time has gotten closer, she has gotten more and more excited to meet this baby.  She is five years old and literally beside herself with anticipation.  This weekend at church I volunteered in the nursery, and she caught a glimpse of me with one of my charges, a blonde two-year old boy.  Her eyes lit up and she said “IS THAT YOUR BABY?!?!”  I hope against all hope that he doesn’t come out that size!

At this point, I don’t see as much different in my belly as I do the*rest* of me!  I was warned that there might be a final weight gain push towards the end….oh, the neck rolls!  I swear even my nose looks bigger.  However, even though I’m fat and pregnant, I can still deliver a clean roundhouse kick to the groin of anyone who calls me fat…so keep that in mind if I make it to Easter dinner, family members!!  ;)  Fatness aside, I am so very excited to meet our little man!  

 38 weeks!

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Lynn said...

I am so happy for you!!! And I'm looking forward to the birth story. BTW look at your week 36 pic and your week 38 pic. that baby had a growth spurt!!!! And you may notice any extra pockets of extra skin but I still say you look fabulous!!! Even better with that baby in your arms instead of your belly!