Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 35

I am definitely feeling the effects of being “great with child”!  We went to IKEA to get a dresser for the baby’s room, and I was reminded once again of how very pregnant I am.  After we got into the car I said to Mike, “I feel like I’ve been walking around Disney all day!”  My legs felt like they were going to fall off, all from walking around IKEA for an hour!

One thing that has changed lately is that I get hot a lot more easily than I used to – especially at night.  Our bedroom feels like an airport runway because I have so many fans going!  

I heard another mom describe this stage of pregnancy as “Swiss Cheese Brain,” and it is so true!  Most days I just can’t seem to think straight and make a lot of silly mistakes.  I just about ruined my food processor because I forgot to take out the chopper while trying to use the grater.  I also had a big scary moment where I thought my blood pressure was really high, but it turned out to be a result of my inability to use our blood pressure monitor properly – the one I have used many, many times before!  Duh.  

 36 Weeks!

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