Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week 34 

We had a great checkup this week!  The baby got the hiccups during his exam, which was so cute!  I wouldn’t have known what they were without being told, so I’m glad he got them when he did!  We are still measuring right on track, and his heart and my weight are right on target too.  I am having some problems with my feet and ankles swelling (usually only the left one – weird, right? I’m told it’s because he tends to hang out on the right side of my stomach – who knew??)  I am under strict orders to spend time with my feet up every day.  I can also tell a big difference if we go out to eat, which I’m sure is due to increased salt intake.  Baby also got the hiccups later in the week, and Mike got to feel them that time.

Right after our checkup, I went to the chiropractor that works with my medical providers.  She works with pregnant women and babies and has a 5-month old baby herself, who slept in an infant backpack while her mom treated me  :)  I really liked Dr. Erin – she asked lots of questions and spent a lot of time setting up the adjustments she did on me.  She also knew lots of ways to adjust that work better on pregnant women.  When I walked out of that office I felt SO much better – sometimes I feel that no matter how hard I try, I get “the waddle” due to the muscles in my lower back being so tight, so it was a triumphant feeling walking out of there almost normally!  I would recommend chiropractic care to any pregnant woman, just for feeling more comfortable throughout pregnancy.  She also did some adjustments to the sacrum and lower hip areas which will encourage the baby to STAY head down instead of spinning around like a monkey!

35 weeks!  This picture was taken just before we left for St. Augustine for a baby shower hosted by Mike’s parents.  We got to see people that have watched Mike grow up, and it was such a blessing for us!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the chiropractor was able to make you feel better. The last weeks of pregnancy are certainly hard on the body.

You LOOK great!