Friday, March 09, 2012

Week 33 

We’re busy getting the nursery ready as our due dates zooms closer!  As of now the furniture is in place but it’s not really decorated.  Sometimes I feel like time is moving so fast that I wonder if we’ll be ready in time for the baby to come, and other times it seems like a very long time to still be pregnant!  But I’m so glad that I’ve chronicled this journey.  

One big thing that happened this week was that we had our first baby shower!  It was held by our church family.  We had a luncheon first, and then we enjoyed fellowship together while we opened presents.  

 Check out the cupcakes!  Cute AND delicious!

 Part of the very talented cupcake making team!  A storefront will be opening in The Villages this year, check them out:

Two of the "zombies" from our photo shoot, plus their host mom.  They are foreign exchange students from the Republic of Georgia and Brazil, and also very talented actresses  :)

Gator gear for the newest little Gator!!

 With our Sunday School leader who was kind enough to coordinate everything!   

 We were so grateful for the generosity of our church family!  One of my personal favorites was the Star Trek-themed feeding set from a fellow Trekkie friend.  The fact that it came wrapped in tinfoil was an added bonus - I guess bachelors don't keep wrapping paper in the house!

34 weeks!  When I look back on our weekly pictures I can see that my hair has changed almost as much as my stomach! 


Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how it warms my heart to see Mike included. Back in the day (cue the old lady voice) --- showers were a Mom-only thing.

I like that the Dads get included now.

Looks like you received some really cute stuff!

Although we WILL have to get the little guy some Temple University stuff --- you know, just to keep him humble. LOL

Lynn said...

Can I tell you how much I love the tin foil wrapping??? I LOVE off the wall wrapping paper. You got some great and much needed stuff. And you look fabulous!