Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 32

I’ve started to notice that the baby’s movements are sometimes in response to external stimuli rather than just random all the time.  If I rest my hand on my belly sometimes it will trigger a movement.  The other day I accidentally dropped my keys while getting out of the car and they landed on my stomach with a loud jangle – and I swear he jumped in surprise! He also really responds to Ravenclaw the cat’s nightly routine of purring loudly while lying on my stomach, which I think is adorable.

33 Weeks!  I see a big difference in growth!  I look more rounded at the top of the stomach.  He is VERY high, so it’s not a surprise.  In fact sometimes it feels like he’s lying right on top of my lungs, especially when I’m sitting down.  I am being sent to a chiropractor that treats only pregnant women next week in hopes that it will help the baby turn into a more comfortable position for both of us – his current position has resulted in some pinched nerves in my back, and it’s just uncomfortable in general as far as finding a position to sleep in or catching my breath.  As we get close to our due date it will become more and more important that he be in the correct position, but apparently he needs some help with that!  But my weight and other measurements are right on target, and my caregivers are very happy with our progress –so the lady who asked me if I was having twins at church can suck it!!


Anonymous said...

You look GREAT!!!!

Stephen used to enjoy when I typed at work --- remember typewriters made noise back in the olden days. LOL

Hope the chiro can get little Wolfe into a more comfortable position for you.

Lynn said...

I can totally see a difference in this weeks pic and the one posted on 2/18. DEFINITELY bigger!!!! Seven weeks to go. Hopefully the chiro will help you get some relief. Unfortunately some babies have a mind of their own.