Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 30

Last week I mentioned moving and working a little slower than I used to, and it became all the more apparent on our trip that I am SLOW.  There were a few times when Mike I and would be walking side by side one second, then the next he would be way ahead of me and I’d be calling behind him, “wait for me!”  I’m usually a pretty fast walker and can keep up with my tall husband’s long legs, but not right now!  I found myself getting a little frustrated by my limitations on this trip:

Ohhhhhh, horseback riding on the beach! 

A bicycle tour of the city! 

…Dream on!

Wow, that tree is perfect for climbing!


Let’s walk up and down both sides of this street and stop at all the pretty shops! 

…Not unless there’s ice cream at the end!

I fully realize that this is temporary and for a good cause.  I fully realize that there will be times after the baby comes that I will wish I could put him back in my stomach.  But I have to admit to having one day in particular where I seriously doubted my ability to do this until the middle of April.  Most days I feel great, and the hard days are thankfully few and far between.
One cool thing is that we’ve reached the point where you can actually see movement from the outside now.  Sometimes it’s a little unnerving watching my own stomach jump and roll around!  Mike especially enjoys watching the show :)

 31 weeks.  Less than 70 days to go!!

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