Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 29

We are right in the middle of the “busy season” for Mike at work –we have four trade shows scheduled within four weeks!  He’s been all over the state, and this year is especially neat because I have gotten to go with him for some of them.   So between that and continuing to work on overhauling the house, I have stayed very busy!  I’m getting to the point where I have to stop and rest fairly often, but I find that taking short breaks throughout the day helps me get most of the things I want to do done.  I definitely don’t move as fast as I used to!
One new fun thing that has happened recently is a pinched nerve in the middle of my back.  I wasn’t sure what was going on until Mike asked me a series of questions that went like this:  “Does it feel like someone is sticking an ice pick right there?  Does it feel like the only way to get relief is to ACTUALLY stick an ice pick right there?  Then you probably have a pinched nerve.”  It’s not dangerous, just very annoying, especially when I’m trying to sleep and it keeps me awake.  My chiropractor and I have become very good friends as of late!  Between the sacrum injury flare-up in the beginning, the ongoing sciatica, and now this, I don’t think I would be walking upright without that guy.  

 30 weeks!  Only approximately 10 weeks to go, wow!  And so far, we've been able to avoid stretch marks, but we will see!

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