Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 32

I’ve started to notice that the baby’s movements are sometimes in response to external stimuli rather than just random all the time.  If I rest my hand on my belly sometimes it will trigger a movement.  The other day I accidentally dropped my keys while getting out of the car and they landed on my stomach with a loud jangle – and I swear he jumped in surprise! He also really responds to Ravenclaw the cat’s nightly routine of purring loudly while lying on my stomach, which I think is adorable.

33 Weeks!  I see a big difference in growth!  I look more rounded at the top of the stomach.  He is VERY high, so it’s not a surprise.  In fact sometimes it feels like he’s lying right on top of my lungs, especially when I’m sitting down.  I am being sent to a chiropractor that treats only pregnant women next week in hopes that it will help the baby turn into a more comfortable position for both of us – his current position has resulted in some pinched nerves in my back, and it’s just uncomfortable in general as far as finding a position to sleep in or catching my breath.  As we get close to our due date it will become more and more important that he be in the correct position, but apparently he needs some help with that!  But my weight and other measurements are right on target, and my caregivers are very happy with our progress –so the lady who asked me if I was having twins at church can suck it!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 31

I can now differentiate between different types of movements that the baby does.  When I first wake up in the morning they are very short and choppy, as if he is hungry and ready for some food!  And boy oh boy do I EAT in the morning – this morning I had scrambled eggs, oatmeal, 2 slices of watermelon, a glass of juice, and a glass of milk!  Other times it seems that he gets into an uncomfortable position and needs to move – this is where things get a little uncomfortable, because he has gotten into the habit of pushing what must be his elbow in a very sharp, jabbing movement that always catches me off guard.  I used to feel a lot of flipping and turning motions, but not as much anymore…it must be getting crowded in there!  He seems to be spending a lot of time transverse (horizontally), which is not very comfortable for either of us it seems.  Sleeping on my back became out of the question months ago, and now he usually won’t let me sleep on my left side.  It must squish him, because he kicks the bed VERY hard and won’t stop until I flip over!  Which these days takes quite a bit of effort!  For the first time this week his kicking actually woke me up while I was sleeping.

Our minds are starting to look beyond the pregnancy and into what it will be like to have a baby in the house.  We can’t wait to meet our little boy!

 32 weeks!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 30

Last week I mentioned moving and working a little slower than I used to, and it became all the more apparent on our trip that I am SLOW.  There were a few times when Mike I and would be walking side by side one second, then the next he would be way ahead of me and I’d be calling behind him, “wait for me!”  I’m usually a pretty fast walker and can keep up with my tall husband’s long legs, but not right now!  I found myself getting a little frustrated by my limitations on this trip:

Ohhhhhh, horseback riding on the beach! 

A bicycle tour of the city! 

…Dream on!

Wow, that tree is perfect for climbing!


Let’s walk up and down both sides of this street and stop at all the pretty shops! 

…Not unless there’s ice cream at the end!

I fully realize that this is temporary and for a good cause.  I fully realize that there will be times after the baby comes that I will wish I could put him back in my stomach.  But I have to admit to having one day in particular where I seriously doubted my ability to do this until the middle of April.  Most days I feel great, and the hard days are thankfully few and far between.
One cool thing is that we’ve reached the point where you can actually see movement from the outside now.  Sometimes it’s a little unnerving watching my own stomach jump and roll around!  Mike especially enjoys watching the show :)

 31 weeks.  Less than 70 days to go!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 29

We are right in the middle of the “busy season” for Mike at work –we have four trade shows scheduled within four weeks!  He’s been all over the state, and this year is especially neat because I have gotten to go with him for some of them.   So between that and continuing to work on overhauling the house, I have stayed very busy!  I’m getting to the point where I have to stop and rest fairly often, but I find that taking short breaks throughout the day helps me get most of the things I want to do done.  I definitely don’t move as fast as I used to!
One new fun thing that has happened recently is a pinched nerve in the middle of my back.  I wasn’t sure what was going on until Mike asked me a series of questions that went like this:  “Does it feel like someone is sticking an ice pick right there?  Does it feel like the only way to get relief is to ACTUALLY stick an ice pick right there?  Then you probably have a pinched nerve.”  It’s not dangerous, just very annoying, especially when I’m trying to sleep and it keeps me awake.  My chiropractor and I have become very good friends as of late!  Between the sacrum injury flare-up in the beginning, the ongoing sciatica, and now this, I don’t think I would be walking upright without that guy.  

 30 weeks!  Only approximately 10 weeks to go, wow!  And so far, we've been able to avoid stretch marks, but we will see!
We now return to our regularly scheduled postings

We've been away on a business trip/babymoon, which is why I haven't been posting here.  Updates are coming soon!