Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 25

I had a check-up this week, and everything looked great.  My caregiver measured my uterus (25 inches – wow) and listened to the baby’s heartbeat.  It was so nice to hear that everything appears to be moving along normally.  She also felt around my belly, and since she knows what she’s feeling much better than me, was able to identify the baby’s backbone and shoulder.  Then she helped me feel it too!  It was so cool!  It made it seem even more real.  Definitely one my favorite moments so far.   I will go back in 3 weeks for a glucose test and a few other bloodwork checks.
I was lucky enough to get a massage as part of my Christmas present from Mike; then I went straight to the chiropractor after that.  Because the massage loosened me up so nicely, I was able to be adjusted really well and that REALLY helped with my ongoing sciatic nerve pain. 
Toward the end of the week I woke up with a full-blown head cold.  I’m not sure if it hit me harder than usual because I’m pregnant, or if I’m just used to being able to take cold medicine, but it has been a real doozy.  The kind that makes your arms feel heavy and makes you want to sleep for 18 hours straight, if you could just breathe!

 26 weeks!

We were able to find a brand-new, never-opened Pack-n-Play at Goodwill – what a great find!  

Once we got home Mike put it together so we could make sure there was nothing wrong with it.  I guess putting things together is a traditional “dad” duty!

Didn’t he do a great job?  This one comes with all the bell and whistles – in the top you can see a bassinet-type thing that newborns can sleep in.  It’s nice because you can put the whole thing right next to your bed if you’re so inclined; then you don’t have to go far for nighttime feedings when they’re really small.  The other thing is a changing table attachment – convenient for travel!  When the baby is bigger you take both of those things out and use it for a portable crib or play yard to keep them contained.  That is, until they can climb out of it!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see a picture of the pack n play. I had no idea what one was. LOL

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Lynn said...

What a great find at GW!! And you are looking fantastic.