Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 27

I think I have crossed over from “pregnant” into “very pregnant.”  I feel good most days, but I do get tired easily.  Letting other people do things for me is not something that comes easily for me, but I find myself acquiescing more often these days.  

We spent most of the past week in Fort Lauderdale for a business-related trade show.  Eating away from home always means not eating as healthy, and looking at my picture from this week I can tell that I had more salt that I’m used to.  I’ve heard that it’s common for old injuries to re-appear during pregnancy, and this week an old foot injury threatened to crop up again.  Luckily last week’s cold has gone away!

 Yep.  Bloat.

 After the trade show we took a day to explore the Everglades.   We love the Anhinga Trail because you can get really close to the wildlife – and there is a lot!   I made a new friend!

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Lynn said...

YOU may have made a new friend, but he was looking at lunch!!!!!