Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Week 24

Everything is going great, my energy is good.  I have some sciatic nerve pain in my back but I am being careful to stretch and not over-do it.  I also have taken to wearing a pregnancy support belt when I am working around the house so my every-growing belly doesn’t throw my alignment out of whack.  

25 weeks!

As the New Year approached, I found myself thinking about the upcoming year in very certain terms – I find myself thinking things like “this is the last time we’ll have Christmas with just two of us” or if someone mentions something that will happen during the upcoming year, I immediately file it in my brain in terms of whether or not the baby will be here yet!  The big one will be Easter – it is 6 days before my due date, so I will be either caring for a newborn or be VERY pregnant!

It’s fun to wonder what the baby will be like when he comes – I find myself wondering for the first time who the baby will look like.  He will most likely be TALL, but will he look more like one of us or a mix?  Will he closely resemble someone else, like a grandparent?  I remember when my little cousin was born, she was found out to look exactly like our grandfather looked as a baby – funny how things work out like that!  I am getting so excited and eager to find out what our little man will look like and what kind of person he will be!


Anonymous said...

I remember the first time we saw Stephen --- I wondered WHERE IN THE WORLD did he get those long fingers.

He was born into the house of stubby. LOL

I don't know who baby Wolfe will look like, but I KNOW he's gonna be one great kid --- he's got a great family already.

Lynn said...

To me, this is the surprise. Some like to wait until the baby is born to find out the boy/girl status, but if it were up to me, I'd find out when I peed on that stick! Babies change so much and one day he could look like Mike and a week later you'll see your mom's nose! Or he'll look like you but have Mike's personality. It really is amazing how we grow these ppl inside of us and yet be nothing like us!