Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Last Time I Saw Him

The last time I saw him was at a family wedding in October.

He was sitting on a couch after the ceremony next to another old man.

I sat down next to him on the couch for a minute.  He said "I'm wonderin' when they're gonna let us EAT!"  I said, "Probably after they're done taking pictures, Grandaddy.  Do you want an hor's douvres while we wait?"   He shook his head no.

He turned to the man sitting on his other side, put his hand on my knee and said, "this is my granddaughter." 

Not "this is my grandson's wife."

"This is my granddaughter."

Rest in Peace, Grandaddy.

Week 28

We've been having unseasonably warm temperatures for this time of year, even for Florida.  Right now I have the windows open in the house, enjoying the breeze before it gets hot again!  Of course when the baby gets here he will have cousins who live in Massachusetts to visit, so he will get his education on what snow is like. 

This week was the famous glucose test, which we passed with flying colors, hooray!  My iron levels were a little below normal, but they were not concerned except to suggest a few diet additions.  I have been rocking the green smoothies!  Sometimes I think my blood pressure does weird things.  Like when I stand up sometimes I feel lightheaded, and bending over takes a fair amount of planning. 

One thing that has been a bit of a challenge for me is finding comfortable ways to SLEEP.  At this point, back and stomach sleeping positions are out, and lately sleeping on my side hasn't been very comfortable either.  I wake up soon after falling asleep with that oh-my-goodness-I-can't-sleep feeling, like there's pressure on my lungs.  Not a surprise, since this baby is carrying very high.  But then a spontaneous trip to Goodwill resulted in my new best friend - a wedge pillow!  It's made of soft foam in the shape of a triangular prism, and I can sleep at enough of an incline to be able to breathe, but still be comfortable.  The only thing is, poor Raven the cat has gotten used to sleeping on my stomach throughout the night, but that is getting to be too much.  I have enough going on in that area, I don't need a 12-pound cat adding to it!  But she's quickly realized that she can sleep in my lap and still keep watch over the baby by wedging herself right up against my stomach.  Silly cat!

 We're right in the middle of a major overhaul of everything we own in our house, so that's what I've been doing with a lot of my time.  Of course this all started when we realized that we were losing an entire room's worth of storage when the baby comes.  It was quite daunting at first, but now we're seeing some progress in areas that we've always wanted to improve upon.  A place for everything, and everything in its place!  I am becoming a fiend with my label maker! 

29 Weeks!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 27

I think I have crossed over from “pregnant” into “very pregnant.”  I feel good most days, but I do get tired easily.  Letting other people do things for me is not something that comes easily for me, but I find myself acquiescing more often these days.  

We spent most of the past week in Fort Lauderdale for a business-related trade show.  Eating away from home always means not eating as healthy, and looking at my picture from this week I can tell that I had more salt that I’m used to.  I’ve heard that it’s common for old injuries to re-appear during pregnancy, and this week an old foot injury threatened to crop up again.  Luckily last week’s cold has gone away!

 Yep.  Bloat.

 After the trade show we took a day to explore the Everglades.   We love the Anhinga Trail because you can get really close to the wildlife – and there is a lot!   I made a new friend!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Week 26

I spent the better part of this week trying to recover from the same head cold I had last week.  Usually when I have a cold I feel like I can’t function for about 3 days, then start to feel better and am able to function somewhat normally with the help of cold medicine – the good kind that they keep behind the counter and make you hand over your driver’s license, dental records, mother’s maiden name, and the name of your favorite Chinese restaurant in order to buy.  Unfortunately, being pregnant I don’t have the option of taking meds like that, so I was stuck just resting until I felt all the way better.  At least I am lucky enough to be able to rest when I need to!  It was more than a week later until I started to feel human again.

27 Weeks!

The end of my 26th week marks the start of the 3rd trimester, wow!  We’ve been busy moving things around in the house, cleaning everything out of the guest room and turning it into a nursery!

Bonus shots with our photogenic cats:

It’s Ravenclaw!  She LOVES to sleep with me at night, particularly on top of my belly.  She has an especially loud purr, and I know the baby can hear it.  I wonder if they will recognize each other when the baby comes…

 I like this picture because you can see how she has NO fur on her belly.  We thought that when she became an inside cat she would grow some, but nope!

 Miss Morgan tends to be slightly more wiggly and harder to catch with a camera!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 25

I had a check-up this week, and everything looked great.  My caregiver measured my uterus (25 inches – wow) and listened to the baby’s heartbeat.  It was so nice to hear that everything appears to be moving along normally.  She also felt around my belly, and since she knows what she’s feeling much better than me, was able to identify the baby’s backbone and shoulder.  Then she helped me feel it too!  It was so cool!  It made it seem even more real.  Definitely one my favorite moments so far.   I will go back in 3 weeks for a glucose test and a few other bloodwork checks.
I was lucky enough to get a massage as part of my Christmas present from Mike; then I went straight to the chiropractor after that.  Because the massage loosened me up so nicely, I was able to be adjusted really well and that REALLY helped with my ongoing sciatic nerve pain. 
Toward the end of the week I woke up with a full-blown head cold.  I’m not sure if it hit me harder than usual because I’m pregnant, or if I’m just used to being able to take cold medicine, but it has been a real doozy.  The kind that makes your arms feel heavy and makes you want to sleep for 18 hours straight, if you could just breathe!

 26 weeks!

We were able to find a brand-new, never-opened Pack-n-Play at Goodwill – what a great find!  

Once we got home Mike put it together so we could make sure there was nothing wrong with it.  I guess putting things together is a traditional “dad” duty!

Didn’t he do a great job?  This one comes with all the bell and whistles – in the top you can see a bassinet-type thing that newborns can sleep in.  It’s nice because you can put the whole thing right next to your bed if you’re so inclined; then you don’t have to go far for nighttime feedings when they’re really small.  The other thing is a changing table attachment – convenient for travel!  When the baby is bigger you take both of those things out and use it for a portable crib or play yard to keep them contained.  That is, until they can climb out of it!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Week 24

Everything is going great, my energy is good.  I have some sciatic nerve pain in my back but I am being careful to stretch and not over-do it.  I also have taken to wearing a pregnancy support belt when I am working around the house so my every-growing belly doesn’t throw my alignment out of whack.  

25 weeks!

As the New Year approached, I found myself thinking about the upcoming year in very certain terms – I find myself thinking things like “this is the last time we’ll have Christmas with just two of us” or if someone mentions something that will happen during the upcoming year, I immediately file it in my brain in terms of whether or not the baby will be here yet!  The big one will be Easter – it is 6 days before my due date, so I will be either caring for a newborn or be VERY pregnant!

It’s fun to wonder what the baby will be like when he comes – I find myself wondering for the first time who the baby will look like.  He will most likely be TALL, but will he look more like one of us or a mix?  Will he closely resemble someone else, like a grandparent?  I remember when my little cousin was born, she was found out to look exactly like our grandfather looked as a baby – funny how things work out like that!  I am getting so excited and eager to find out what our little man will look like and what kind of person he will be!