Saturday, December 03, 2011

20 Weeks

Aaaaaaand we’re halfway there, folks!  This week has been full of highs and lows.  

Getting to celebrate Mike’s birthday a few days early with Mike’s parents.  We also got a few baby items that belonged to Mike – I can’t believe he was ever that tiny!

My brother, his wife, and their daughter Sarah came to town to visit!  It is always so good to see them, since we don’t get to do it as often as we would like to.  They are also expecting another baby, just a few weeks after our due date, so this was the first “get together” of all the cousins, even if some of them are in utero!  We got some cute pictures which I hope to share soon.

We had a bit of a pandemic run its course through the family.  On Wednesday my mom and Mike got sick with stomach flu symptoms.  Over the next few days, the following people got sick too:  my dad, my brother, my sister-in-law, both my grandmothers, 2 of my cousins, my uncle, and my mother-in-law.  I ended up getting only a very mild version of it, thank goodness.  It was kind of scary to see how quickly and completely it made its way through the family!

21 weeks.  A good picture of both of us!

I added a super-cool slideshow on my sidebar so you can see the progression of baby growth if you're so inclined....and the growth of my hair!

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Anonymous said...

I love the picture with your hair flipped out just a little bit. SO cute.

Glad you are feeling better.

Looking forward to seeing you and Mike next week!