Thursday, December 08, 2011

28 Reasons Why I Love My Husband.

Today is my husband's 28th birthday.  Here is an itemized list containing 28 reasons why I love him:

  1. He made me a his own personalized ringtone for my phone.  Now whenever he calls me, my phone plays "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" because he knows that song makes me laugh.
  2. He learned to like country music for my sake.
  3. He laughs at my jokes, even when they're probably not funny.
  4. He tolerates my need for Christmas music after November 1st.
  5. He listens.  
  6. He understands.
  7. He gives great shoulder rubs.
  8. He's really good in a crisis.
  9. He's a hard worker and a good provider.
  10. He's made a concentrated effort to learn to like new foods since we've been married.  He's learned to like carrots, peas, and salad. 
  11. He's so darn cute.
  12. He didn't complain in the early parts of this pregnancy when he would come home hungry after working all day and I would say "today I managed to eat a bite of applesauce and comb half of my hair."  He would just make something for himself to eat and keep it far, far away from my nose.  
  13. He is slow to anger.
  14. He will stick up for me.
  15. He never once complained when I first started to cut his hair and he looked like something from a horror movie.
  16. He compliments my cooking.
  17. He does more around the house than most guys.
  18. He supported me staying at home this year - a major life change for both of us - because he knew how important it was to me.
  19. He introduced me to the wonder that is Chinese food.
  20. He's a good dad.  Already.
  21. What's important to me is important to him.
  22. He will forsake all others for me.
  23. He helps me see the humor in situations.  Like when I was in a super-hormonal stage around week 16 where I was crying at literally everything.  And we went to see Real Steel, a movie that I thought would contain absolutely nothing that would even remotely make me want to cry.  But I didn't think about the previews, and sat there all misty during a stupid Steven Spielberg movie about a horse or something.  And he didn't mind when I punched him in the arm for laughing at me.
  24. He is respectful.  He treats me and everyone else with dignity.
  25. He's generous.
  26. He doesn't look at other women.  If an attractive woman were to walk past him with a skimpy dress on, he would look away.  You have NO IDEA how much that means to me, especially now when I feel like a whale some days.
  27. He doesn't let little things bother him.  We are definitely "yin and yang" on this one  :)
  28. He will patiently pose for a picture because I decide I hate the one we already took, even though I know he's thinking in his head that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the last one.  Case in point:
 Is this the face of a guy who's exasperated at all the picture taking?  I don't think so!

Happy birthday, my love. 


Emily said...

You guys are just too cute.

Jacki, I LOVE the black dress and red tights!

Anonymous said...

Great post.....I think you caught yourself a keeper.

Happy 28th, Mike!

Lynn said...

He sounds like a keeper!!! And dont feel bad, I'm not pregnant and those WarHorse previews get me every time!