Saturday, November 26, 2011


That is my voice coming from under the piles of junk in my house.  Now that I'm not working full time I have more time to realize stuff.  Like the fact that when we moved in to this house four years ago, I had no idea how to organize a household.  Ergo, it was never really organized.  Now before you imagine a scene from hoarders, it's not THAT BAD - I just can't ever find stuff.  I have also come to realize that I am married to a wonderful man, but he is a packrat.  He has the "we might need it someday" mentality, and when I was teaching full-time I didn't have the energy to argue.  But now that I've started to try to clear things out, I've come to the root of the problem - I have no clue when it comes to organization.  My poor Momma tried, but I must not have listened (stop laughing, mom!)  So in the past, when I've gone through a closet or drawer, it quickly becomes messy again because I had no system in place to KEEP it organized.  But now the question becomes...HOW??

These are the things that drive me crazy:  I bought some felt circles to stick under the dining room chairs to keep them from scratching the floor.  Now I have some left over, but where do I put them so I can find them again?  What category do sticky felt circles fall under?  They're not cleaning supplies; they're not hardware....what else can I store them with?

So I turn to you, interwebs.....any suggestions?  Help my solve my sticky felt circle crisis!


Anonymous said...

Sticky felt circles can go either in cubbies on the workbench OR in your sewing box. They are small enough to go either place. Or, if your kitchen "junk drawer" isn't to junky --- that's a good place too.

I just recently blasted through our whole house getting rid of STUFF! I think I'm done and Goodwill is very happy with me right now. And I'M happy 'cause I know everything here is something I want and use.

Vickie D said...

We store that kind of stuff with things like picture hanging supplies, screws & such....kinda a household supply area in the garage on the workbench :-)

Jacki said...

Thank you, my heart palpitations have subsided now that I have an idea of what I'm going to do! :)