Sunday, November 27, 2011

19 weeks

Boy, am I glad I was completely over morning sickness in time for Thanksgiving!  How much would it have stunk to have a poultry aversion and not feel like eating anything on Thanksgiving??  This week I’ve started to feel like I could eat everything in sight…I don’t think I eat more than usual, and I still get full easily, but when I first sit down to eat I always think to myself “I could literally eat everything on this table!”  Mike and I went to Cracker Barrel recently and I was tempted to tell the server “Just bring me everything on the left side of the menu.”

Happenings this week:

We took a picture of my bump.  Oh, haven’t you heard?  We do that every so often  :)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with family, and we both stuffed ourselves like a true American should.  Mike took these pictures of me at the beach on Thanksgiving Eve:
 I kinda look like I’m striking a casual pose, but really I was jumping up and down because the water washed up on my feet and it was COLD!

Um, wow!  When I first looked at this picture I couldn’t believe how big my bump looked!

I think this one is my favorite!

We took some group pictures, but unfortunately they did not turn out well; hopefully some of the ones that were taken with other people’s cameras will find their way to me.  

I started to have sciatic-related pain again, on Thanksgiving Day.  It is NO FUN, and this time it was shooting down my leg with every step.  Luckily this time I was able to be proactive about it, and we headed home a day early so we could sleep in our own bed, and we were able to head off the worst of it with that and lots of stretching and taking it easy.

I had a four-year old tell me that I didn’t look like I was having a baby.  Made my day.  I don’t normally mind when people comment on my bump, but lately it’s been all I’ve heard about.  Like literally, at church that was the ONLY thing people said to me.  If I’m keepin’ it real, I gotta admit that gets a little old when I hear OH MY GOSH YOU’RE HUGE more than once a day or so.  I actually DO like the way I look right now, and I LOVE maternity fashion – I could never pull off leggings before! 

We went to a Christmas tree farm in Ocala and cut our own tree!  We’ve had a fake tree every year since we’ve been married but this year we decided we missed the smell of a real tree and wanted to support a local farmer.  It was really fun – I hope this is a tradition we can carry on!

 They gave us a pole to measure with so we could find one that was the right height.  We walked all around the farm and debated the merits of just about every tree, and ended up picking  one of the trees that was furthest away from the check-out stand.  Luckily I had a husband to cut it down and haul it all that way  :)

 Nope not quite…

Found it!!

Cutting it down…


Mike showed that tree who’s the boss!

 We cut off the bottom two branches, and I’m going to try to make a garland.  TRY being the key verb.

The tree is now up, but not decorated yet.  Having a super-elevated sense of smell due to this pregnancy means I can enjoy the pine smell throughout the house!  And Morgan the cat is eyeing the tree ambitiously, planning her ascent.  Dumb cat makes a game out of climbing the tree every year!

“What, isn’t that why you put the tree up?!?”

Saturday, November 26, 2011


That is my voice coming from under the piles of junk in my house.  Now that I'm not working full time I have more time to realize stuff.  Like the fact that when we moved in to this house four years ago, I had no idea how to organize a household.  Ergo, it was never really organized.  Now before you imagine a scene from hoarders, it's not THAT BAD - I just can't ever find stuff.  I have also come to realize that I am married to a wonderful man, but he is a packrat.  He has the "we might need it someday" mentality, and when I was teaching full-time I didn't have the energy to argue.  But now that I've started to try to clear things out, I've come to the root of the problem - I have no clue when it comes to organization.  My poor Momma tried, but I must not have listened (stop laughing, mom!)  So in the past, when I've gone through a closet or drawer, it quickly becomes messy again because I had no system in place to KEEP it organized.  But now the question becomes...HOW??

These are the things that drive me crazy:  I bought some felt circles to stick under the dining room chairs to keep them from scratching the floor.  Now I have some left over, but where do I put them so I can find them again?  What category do sticky felt circles fall under?  They're not cleaning supplies; they're not hardware....what else can I store them with?

So I turn to you, interwebs.....any suggestions?  Help my solve my sticky felt circle crisis!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

18 weeks

Last week was big because we found out we’re having a little BOY….this week we hit another milestone when I started feeling movement!  For a few weeks now I’ve been in that in-between stage, where it’s impossible to tell if it’s the baby or just a tummy rumble, but this week they gradually got more defined.  By the middle of the week I was pretty sure it was baby, and towards the end of the week I finally had one where I was confident that it was indeed our little guy.  That one felt exactly like a little tiny nudge from the inside, but most of them don’t feel like what I was expecting at all!  Sometimes they feel like bubbles popping in my stomach, sometimes it’s more like my stomach does a flip-flop.  But really they are a feeling like no other, I don’t feel like I can accurately describe what they feel like to someone who’s never felt it!  I am still learning to recognize what they are, so they can be a little disconcerting at first – like WHOA what was THAT?  It sometimes takes me a second to realize that it must be the little guy practicing his dance moves!  I have a feeling that this is going to be one active baby!  My mom tells me that I was much more active than my brother during this time, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!  The ultrasound techs have told us that he is also very active too.

19 week belly.  Hair is growing too!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 17

I woke up on Monday of week 17 and WOW!  The belly popped!  I’m starting to get a blocked view of my feet!
The big news this week is…it’s a BOY!  Mollie and Amanda got to reveal the big news on Facebook after we let family know.

I posted this picture with the caption “We are wearing BLUE because we're excited to be getting a little brother in April! That's right, it's a BOY!!”  And yes, behind the camera I am holding up a treat to get them to sit STILL – I’m not above bribery!
We went for our ultrasound one day shy of the 18 week mark.  We were lucky and grateful that Mike got to come, too, although they made him sit in the waiting room for the first part!  They got all the diagnostic stuff out of the way, then Mike got to come back while we tried to get the baby to show off the goods  :)    I was getting a little worried after a few minutes, but then the tech said that he already knew what it was and he just wanted us to see it for ourselves.  Almost immediately after, baby Wolfe finally gave in and let us see!  I knew right away, and the tech said “As you can see, little girls don’t have a third leg, so it’s a BOY!”
We’ve been asked a lot whether we were hoping for a boy or a girl, and I’ve always felt that we waited a long time for this baby, and were hoping more for it to be healthy than for one sex or the other.  But it *is* nice to finally know!  I can’t wait to start decorating the nursery!  Since we’ve found out I’ve found myself having moments where I get excited out of the blue and feel like jumping up and down (if my stupid back would let me, that is!)  I keep repeating over and over in my head “It’saBOYit’saBOYit’saBOY!!”  
 18 week belly shot
Here is Miss Mollie and I spending some quality time together.  She is not usually very cuddly, and is the only animal that seems to be pretty much oblivious to how her world is going to change around the middle of April!

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Week 16

This week will go down in history as The Week of the Stomach Bug.  I’ll spare you the details, but it was not pretty.
So that took up pretty much the whole week, but we DID go to the Gator game on Saturday….AND they won…AND I was got to wear a new Gator maternity shirt that says “Future Gator” on it, courtesy of my mother-in-law!

Picture time!
I noticed this week that the belly is getting harder – not quite as soft as it used to be!  I’m sure after the baby comes that will change  :)

I got a pregnancy belt to support my back and hopefully keep it from going awry again.  It’s basically a wide band of elastic that you wear under the belly, but after looking at this picture I will never have my picture taken in it again!  It makes my bump look like a ROLL!

It’s been interesting to observe how the animals act around me since my pregnancy.  This is what Amanda has started doing:
It’s cute until she starts snoring!
Miss Morgan just enjoys the challenge of trying to balance on my ever-growing bump! 

Finally found a comfy position!  She fell asleep with her chin resting on me, but we didn’t get a picture of that.

But we’ve seen the most change in Raven.  As soon as I lie down she makes a beeline for me!  She positions herself right on top of the bump and starts purring like crazy!  I sometimes wonder if she hears or feels the baby in there.  Since I can’t lie on my back anymore this is her new favorite way to sleep – I had to crop out most of my rear end because I am horrified at how big it’s gotten!  Just keepin’ it real, folks!