Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 15

My ever-trusty What to Expect When You’re Expecting book has this to say about the fourth month of pregnancy:

“[You may have] a feeling you’re not quite together - you’re scattered, forgetful, drop things, have trouble concentrating.”

Oh boy, do I know what that’s all about!  For the past several weeks I’ve been feeling like my brain is wrapped in fog, but last week I finally started to feel that lift a little.
This week has mainly been about trying to manage an old back injury that has come back to haunt me.  Late last week I started to feel a lot of tightness in my lower back but chalked it up to pregnancy aches.  I wasn’t too worried when my chiropractor was unable to adjust that area, since he is a little limited in what he can do.  We went camping that weekend, however, and I think setting up the tent was probably not a good thing for me to do….well, ACTUALLY we had to set up the tent twice, since our site neighbors decided that the hours of 9am-4am are a great time to act like complete idiots and we decided to move, but that’s another story.  Anyway, after coming back from that disaster of a camping trip, I was in quite a bit of pain – I could tell that I was way out of alignment, but another visit to the chiropractor proved to be unfruitful once again. 
By Tuesday I was in so much pain that I was unable to walk (or even recline in a chair) without a lot of discomfort, but for some reason I was still hesitant to call my caregiver.  I think I had gotten into a mindset that being pregnant meant being uncomfortable, and I missed the fact that I had moved from being uncomfortable into being in severe pain.  I sat there for about 20 minutes with the phone in my hand, going back and forth on whether or not I should call (“they’re going to tell me there’s nothing I can do about it,” etc.) but finally the pain won out and I called.  They were concerned and told me that this was more than just pregnancy-related aches and pains, and after discussing my options, we decided that acupuncture might be the best way to get me back on track.  It was something that I would never have thought to try on my own, and I have to admit I was a little hesitant at first, but I’m so glad I tried it.  I went for a session on Thursday and immediately felt a BIG difference.  I could WALK!!  Over the next few days, I would still feel stiff at times, but my pain levels were so much improved I could alleviate the stiffness I felt (usually after sitting for more than a few minutes) by stretching and strength-building yoga.  I really felt like the acupuncture got me to a point where I could work out the rest of the problem on my own, and for that I was so grateful!  I have to admit that this week I had several moments where my mind went off the “What-If Cliff” and started playing games with me…what if I have to deal with this kind of pain for the rest of the pregnancy?  What if it gets worse?  What if my back is permanently out of whack?  What if the baby goes all Twilight on me and tries to eat me from the inside??  Okay, maybe not the last one!

Other pregnancy updates:
The only thing I found myself craving this week was eggs.  I made a lot of egg salad. J  They say that when you crave something it’s usually because your body needs a certain nutrient, so that was one craving I was happy to indulge.  I can’t say that my cravings are any different than they were before I was pregnant – I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE have those moments when they think, “Dang, I could go for some ice cream right now.”??  I don’t see that part as being any different than before – I guess I was expecting cravings during pregnancy to be strong and uncontrollable.  I remember being a teenager and having our youth director drive 20 minutes to get his wife some mozzarella sticks at 8:30 at night…Mike has not had to do anything like that yet!  Although he is so supportive and wonderful that he probably would.

The poor guy hasn’t gotten much airtime on this blog as of late – here we are at a family wedding this month.  The sunset that night was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, doesn’t it look almost fake??

 Aaaaaaand here I am!  I’ve noticed that it’s also kind of cool to see my hair grow out too!

Cute story I’ve been meaning to tell: we were at church one day, soon after I was really beginning to show, and one of our friends asked her little girls “Do you know what Miss Jacki has in her belly?” The oldest girl, whom I think just turned five, said “A baby?”  “Yes, that’s right, a baby!” said mom.  Well, her little inquisitive eyes shot straight to my belly, then to my face, then to my belly, then back to my face…I could tell that she wanted to see what it felt like but didn’t know how to ask, so I told her that she could touch it if she wanted.  I wish I could have gotten video of what she did for the next minute or so – she was like a scientist, examining every inch of my belly!  And gently poking it in different places to see what it felt like, too!  It was so freaking adorable.  Although I’m pretty sure mom got some interesting questions later that day about how the baby got in there, lol!

 Mollie and Amanda wanted some bloggy love too!  Here they are, as squirrelly as ever.

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Glad the acupuncture helped.

I think your campers have moved into the house behind us. :-( The party STARTS at midnight.