Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 14

I reached the point where I can no longer sleep comfortably on my back – apparently as the baby grows it puts pressure on a vein in your back and prevents proper circulation, causing the blood pressure to drop and making sleep impossible.  I was trying to find out when I should stop sleeping on my back, and I read online that it was usually around 4 months, but the body usually lets you know because you won’t be comfortable on your back anymore.  Well, that very night, it happened!  I am usually a side sleeper, but unfortunately round ligament pain in my hips has been making that rather difficult.  Late in the week I was also having lower back pain that was unlike anything I had experienced before – it was very sharp and would hit me suddenly, always in the same two spots on either side of my spine.  My chiropractor said it was called sacrum pain, and that it was very common.  Between the hip pain and the sacrum pain, this week has been not-so-fun for me; there have been a few times where the pain has radiated down my legs and I am not able to lift my feet off the ground.  So I’m shuffling around like an old lady!  I really, really, REALLY hope this clears up soon…I just want to be able to do regular, normal, human activities, like laundry and loading the dishwasher!

Another new symptom that has cropped up lately has been a very sensitive gag reflex.  If I even THINK about brushing my teeth or swallowing a pill, I retch!  I am glad that this particular symptom comes and goes, so I get a break from it once in awhile.  Thankfully, the chicken aversion has also calmed down somewhat – I’ve been slowly trying foods that weren’t possible for me, just to see what happened, with some success.  The only true aversion I have right now is to fish – the other things I can’t eat right now are related to texture, like cooked broccoli, bananas, and casseroles.

 Seems to be smaller than last week....I must have been sucking it in!

Several weeks ago, I did a major clean-out of my closet.  I had several goals in mind while I was doing this:
·         Put away things I won’t be able to wear until after the baby comes.
·         Give away some clothes I know I will never fit into again (just keepin’ it real, folks!)
·         Give away work clothes I don’t need anymore, especially shirts with my old school logo on them.
·         Make room for maternity clothes in my drawers, so I can move them out of the storage tub I was keeping them in.  I was lucky enough to have a dear friend lend me some of the clothes she wore with her recent pregnancy, and I got a lot of good stuff!  Plus my mom is a champion sewer, and she’s made me some things as well.  One thing I really hope to get my paws on is some Gator-themed maternity clothes….I’ve seen some really cute ones out there!
·         Keep any non-maternity shirts out for now and put them into storage as I’m no longer able to wear them.
Well, this week I had to put away several non-maternity shirts because they no longer cover the belly!  It was kind of a cool moment  :)

This week I also sat down and wrote out a rough cleaning schedule, and that has been the best thing I could have done for my sanity – if I know that I will be sweeping on Wednesday, I can walk on my crunchy floors on Tuesday and not feel so bad about it!  While I am still limited in what I can do physically, it’s been a really nice way to put my mind at ease.  Just another part of the transition to becoming a full-time homemaker!

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