Sunday, October 09, 2011

Week 12

Aversions: My appetite has been pretty good, but still no chicken for me!

Symptoms: I still have occasional bouts of nausea, oddly enough it’s usually in the late afternoon or evening, which sometimes makes getting dinner on the table a bit of a challenge.  My main symptom this week has been fatigue.  As a teacher, I became a champ at getting through tiredness, but this is different.  If I start to feel tired and I don’t lie down, the room starts to spin.  I’ve found that the most I can be on my feet at one time is about 30 minutes, then I have to at least sit down for short rest.  As a person who hates (HATES) not feeling productive, that can be a little annoying.  Late in the week I started having trouble sleeping, which I know is related to the daytime fatigue.  It’s a bit of a conundrum, because I know that when I don’t exercise, I don’t sleep as well, but my stamina is not such that I can really exert myself.  This being the last week of my first trimester, I’m hoping all this will be temporary!

Cravings: I have been craving’s my mom’s pot roast.  Weird, I know.

Bump check:
There it is!  Looking good…unlike my hair that day!

This week I got to visit and share a meal with some family, including this little ball of precious.  He’s the brand-new baby of my cousin and his lovely wife, who were kind enough to let me steal him, sit in a chair, and breathe in the cuteness.  I can’t wait until our kids can play together!  My cousin and I are only a few months apart and always played well together (apart from that time he started calling me Jack-O-Lantern in the second grade and coerced the rest of the class into doing the same - thanks for that, Nick!)


Anonymous said...

My nausea came about that same time of day. It made the drive home on the turnpike quite a challenge.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Lynn said...

But you ARE being productive!!! You're working on a project that will take you a few more months to complete. Then the fun begins!!!! ;)