Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 8:

Aversions – still chicken.  Also, I have an aversion to the word “preggers.”

Symptoms – Still sleepless nights (it’s getting a little ridiculous!)  Also waking up with hip pain for some reason.  When I do sleep, I have really vivid dreams.  So not very restful nights for now, hoping that changes soon!  Nausea seems to be getting better – for now I seem to be on a cycle of having a few good days followed by 1 or 2 not so good ones. Still thirsty all the time.

Bump check – now I just look fat!  I look like I’ve gained 10 pounds…which is funny, because I’ve only gained about 3.  Certain clothes are getting uncomfortable, elastic is my friend.

Here’s me at eight weeks.  Nothing much to see yet!  Can  I just tell you how much I hate this haircut?  It was a huge disaster involving my regular stylist taking an unplanned vacation and me really needing a haircut.  I wound up with a cut that I HATE and will take a long time to grow out because the underneath layer in shorter than the rest of it.  Sigh.

Cravings – I crave absolutely nothing about food right now!  One day this week I got out pork chops from the freezer, defrosted them, browned them on the stove, baked them in the oven, and got the rest of dinner ready with NO problems, but when I sat down to eat, I couldn’t even look at the food!

Pregnancy brain story of the week:  It’s definitely started.  I had to go to the orthodontist on Wednesday for a retainer check, about 25 minutes away.  I got over halfway there and realized that I had forgotten my retainer!  Oops!  I had to hightail it back home and was definitely going to be late, so I had to eat crow and call on the way to tell them I would be late (the German in me has an aversion to lateness…)
I am gaining a little confidence with every day that goes by.  When we first found out that we were expecting, I constantly feared losing the baby.  Every trip to the bathroom was filled with trepidation for me, and every little cramp or weird feeling was worrisome.  I wish that we got some sort of “free pass” since we waited so long for this pregnancy, but the fact is, it just doesn’t work like that.  Something could go wrong at any time during the pregnancy, and after the baby is born the worrying certainly doesn’t end!  Yes, I could still lose this baby.  And I would be absolutely devastated.  But I would feel that way regardless of how I feel about it now.  So right now I might as well be happy about it, and grateful for this chance to be a parent!
It’s been fun telling people – we’ve worked our way down the hierarchy, starting with parents, then branching out to other family members.  My side of the family got together on Labor Day to celebrate my cousin and grandmother’s birthday, and I signed my grandma’s card “From Baby Wolfe” and let her figure it out  J
Mike told the members of the church praise team at practice on Thursday, and we’ll probably tell anyone else who hasn’t already heard on Sunday.  

The only thing I dislike about telling people our big news is when they say unhelpful things without thinking about how the words sound when they come out.  The one we get most often is, “See, you just relaxed and look what happened!?!”  In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth!  We got some gems like that in the form of unhelpful advice when we started sharing with select people that we were struggling with infertility – I received advice about everything from doing headstands to the ever-helpful “just relax and it will happen.”  I’m glad that didn’t happen very often, because it was very difficult for me to hold my tongue!  I just feel that saying things like that cheapen my feelings.  If it REALLY was simply a matter of relaxing, things would be a lot less complicated for many, many couples out there.  Rant over.


Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph really spoke to me. What IS it with people. They don't just act like that with pregnancy. It's with EVERYTHING.

I can only hope I didn't say anything that made you feel bad.

I think I've told you before, but I'm really glad you've re-started your blog. You really have a talent for putting your thoughts down on "paper".

Lynn said...

Ok first of all, congratulations again!!! I'm so happy for you and Mike and you guys will make fantastic parents!!!

Second, you look fabulous! I love the idea of taking profile shots,I did the same thing. It's amazing how you can pop out so quickly and how large you can actually get!!!

Looking forward to more journal entries....