Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 9

Aversions: Yep, still chicken.  I thought that chicken was a really weird thing to not be able to tolerate, but apparently it’s very common – I’ve been told by several women that they had the same thing!

Symptoms: I am sleeping a little better, at least when I sleep it is somewhat restful.  I’ve found that the hip pain I’ve been having is called Round Ligament Pain and it’s very common, although miserable!  It’s usually what wakes me up at night….that and the ever-constant bathroom visits!  Nausea is still there.  I’ve had some really bad days as of late, but some good days too.  The one symptom that seems to be my constant companion is tiredness!

Bump check: I hate to admit that I actually started to wear maternity clothes this week!  It’s not so much a matter of the bump growing THAT much yet, it’s just that my abdomen is doing a lot of changing and does not appreciate any sort of pressure or constriction.  

9 weeks picture.  Definitely a little something there!

Cravings – I always expected pregnancy cravings to be impossible to control, gotta-have-it-now kinda cravings, and I haven’t had those as of yet.  On the days I can actually tolerate food, I sometimes think,
“ya know what would be good right now?” but I did that before I was pregnant! 

One the first day of week 9 we went to the Gator football game in Gainesville.  We didn’t last the whole game (okay, *I* didn’t last the whole game!) but it was so much fun to be back in the Swamp!


Anonymous said...

For me ... it was beef. Just couldn't face it in the beginning.

Hope the aversion and nausea go away soon.

Lynn said...

Dont feel badly abt wearing your maternity clothes already, I had to do the same thing. I had that nauseous feeling the entire pregnancy and anything that was even remotely snug on my belly made it SO much worse!!