Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pregnancy Journal, entry #2

…Only this time it very quickly turned positive.  I kept thinking that I must be reading the test wrong, there must be some reason this is a false positive.  It took me almost 10 minutes to realize that there was a possibility that I was actually pregnant!  Mike was still asleep.  I knew that he would need to be fully awake for this news, because he tends to be a little groggy when he first wakes up.  Well, he was fully awake in about a nanosecond after I told him!  We both managed to get ready for church, all the while saying things to each other like “How can this be?  Can this possibly be for real?”  On the way to church, I called the on-call nurse and recounted the whole story for her, and she kindly affirmed for us that we were indeed pregnant.  It’s still a mystery how we managed to get through church and act somewhat normal!  

I barely slept that night – I kept wracking my brain for any reason why this could be not real.  I kept thinking I would wake up from this dream…the next morning I called the doctor’s office first thing, recounting the story again to a different nurse. She ordered a blood test for me to confirm the results of the home test, and that’s about when it sunk it for real.  When the results came back, the doctor was just as surprised as the rest of us, but she said that stranger things have happened.  But I was indeed pregnant….7 and a half weeks along, at that point.  In fact, we had to go in right away for an ultrasound, because my pregnancy hormone levels were so high that they wanted to check for multiples!  So we got to see our little one early (and yes, there’s only ONE!)  

So that’s where we are.   We’re so very grateful for this little “fluke”! 

Some stats:
Week 7:
Aversions – Chicken, for some strange reason.
Symptoms – Definitely having the sleepless nights that often plague women at this stage.  I have to get up a lot for bathroom trips during the night, and after that I can never seem to get back to sleep easily.  The nausea has been pretty bad, I’ve struggled to find things I can eat.  My mom took me to Whole Foods and enjoyed watching me walk through the bulk section, whiffing different things and saying yea or nay.  Really relying on crackers and toast to keep me going.  Always seem to be thirsty.
Bump check – finding out I was pregnant sure explained a lot…like, for example, why my waist seemed to be disappearing.  I can tell that I look different, and Mike says he can too, but it’s not yet obvious to other people.

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