Monday, April 12, 2010

More Camping Pictures

May I just take a moment to comment on my husband's outfit?  Let's start with the Outback Cowboy hat, shall we?  Actually, we can stop there, too.  The rest of the outfit is not entirely offensive, but the hat with the shorts and sandals makes me smile.  

Our fishin' spot.  Nothing was caught, unfortunately.  We have really bad fishing juju when we get together.

I heart this picture.

Mike snapped this picture of me on a whim because he said I thought I looked "cute" holding the fishing poles.  Reason #3,508 why I love my husband - he thinks I'm cute when I really need a shower!

Other adventures included a very windy canoeing trip (arms are still sore) and several trips to Wal-mart to buy more blankets in a futile attempt to stay warm at night.  Seriously, I did NOT think the temperature would drop that much at night, but we had nearly 30-degree differences between night and daytime temperatures...brrr!  But I absolutely love camping with my husband...he knows more than I could ever possibly hope to know about camping and surviving in the wilderness, and I benefit from it by making him do all the work! 

Not really. 

But close.

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