Thursday, March 18, 2010

Other Stuff

We did do other stuff last weekend....non-Randy Travis stuff.  And I mananged to pay attention during most of it.  We visited Gainesville (where we lived before we moved to our current digs) and Devil's Milhopper State Park, which is basically a huge sinkhole.  It's a lot more interesting than it sounds!

This was our best attempt at using the delay function on the camera...I'll spare you the reject shots this time!

Taking a break from all the stairs...we felt the effects of all that stepping the next day!

The closer you get to the sinkhole, the more humid it gets...which it why my carefully styled hair has turned into a big hot mess.  You'd be devastated too if you knew how rarely I actually style my hair!

One cool thing about Devil's Milhopper is that it's full of plants you can't find elsewhere in North Central Florida.  A lot of the trees there are typically only found in South Florida.  But oddly enough, the landscape reminds me of the Appalachians!

There were stairs....lots and lots of stairs...

And, oh the humidity!  I am a Florida native, but even I could feel the weight of all the suspended water in the air!

With humidity comes moss and lichens!

We walked around Silver Springs for a few minutes before claiming our VIP seats for the concert.  We've had season passes in the past, so we've seen it all, but we still like to walk around!

Mr. Flamingo!  I sometimes wonder if captive flamingos are given something to color their feathers artificially through their just doesn't seem like they would be that brightly colored in the wild!

These Sandhill Cranes weren't captive...just freeloaders.

Oh no!

I love the expression on Mike's face!

At least it wasn't the real thing!

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These are great pictures, Jacki!!